10 Bad Lifestyle Habits You Must Learn To Change (And How)

bad lifestyle habits

How To Change Your Bad Lifestyle Habits For Good


Nobody in this life is perfect and we’re all guilty of making simple mistakes. Having said that, some bring a far greater impact than others. While many of those minor issues can be ignored, the more significant ones must be rectified ASAP.



Here are 10 of the most common issues to look out for, along with what can be done to improve your situation.


bad lifestyle habits It’s time to take life back into your hands


#1. Choosing Processed Foods


Nutrition is naturally at the heart of any healthy lifestyle. There are arguments to be made for going vegan or vegetarian. Likewise, it’s crucial that you learn to understand your body’s intolerances and allergies. Many of those decisions can be influenced by personal circumstances and preferences. The one change that everyone should make, however, revolves around reducing processed food intake.


Scientific links to cancers, illnesses, and obesity should be more than enough to spark a change. Moreover, freshly prepared foods are tastier and often cheaper to make. The latter is especially true when you adopt ideas like freezing extra servings to eat later in the week. The internet is packed with quick, easy, and affordable solutions. So, there’s no excuse for ignoring it.


For an even simpler approach, try to utilize slow cookers and other kitchen products built for the modern family.


#2. Hitting The Gym


Hold your horses; this isn’t a blog to suggest that you stop working out. Exercise is a necessity for anyone wanting to keep their body in great health. Then again, staying physically active should boost your mental conditioning. Unless you are one of the few people who genuinely enjoy the gym, there are other ways to burn calories. Keeping an open mind is essential.


Everyone wants their exercise to bring great results, but it shouldn’t sacrifice the fun. Classes, team sports, and other enjoyable activities give you a far better chance of keeping up the routines. After all, nobody wants their workouts to feel like a chore. Meanwhile, services like Workoutbuddies.com enable you to meet new people too. For motivation and general life satisfaction, this can be highly rewarding.


The best thing about using other exercise plans is that you can mix it up too. Ultimately, it’s great to choose strategies aimed at great body transformations. However, it won’t do you any favors if you quit just weeks into the plan. Find one that’s fun for you, and you won’t go wrong.


bad lifestyle habits Fun is an essential aspect of exercise


#3. Overlooking Skin Health


Most people actively try to keep their bodies in great health. However, the skin is the largest organ of the human body and is also the barrier that is constantly exposed to the elements. Leaving it untreated can bring a whole host of health issues. Unfortunately, this is something that far too many people fail to appreciate.


In the summer months, choosing the right sun lotion for your skin type is vital. Conversely, winter also requires special attention courtesy of products designed to prevent damage. As with anything health related, prevention is the best form of protection. This is something that you cannot forget for a second.


While the above issues are directed at both sexes, women also need to think about makeup choices. Sleeping with makeup on will harm the skin long-term. If you’ve fallen into the habit of doing this, now is the time to stop.


#4. Smoking


Everyone is guilty of bad health habits. This can range from having a sweet tooth or enjoy a few cocktails on a Saturday night. A little treat doesn’t hurt anyone, as long as it’s in moderation. The one bad habit that you must quit altogether, however, is smoking. It harms the body while causing an equal level of damage to your bank balance. When added to the impact it can have on people around you; it’s not hard to see the benefits of stopping.


Quitting isn’t easy, but vaping has empowered a lot of smokers along the journey. Not only is this a positive step in itself, but it also serves as a step en route to giving up nicotine altogether. Customize your experience by visiting Vaporescence.com, and you’ll see a huge difference in next to no time. It’s healthier, cheaper, and more enjoyable.


The addiction is hard to quit. But you can give yourself further motivation by raising funds for charity or promising yourself a reward. One way or another, this change will alter your life for the better.


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#5. Gambling


Addictions aren’t always connected to physical health issues, at least not directly. However, gambling is one that can ruin your life in many ways. For many people, a little flutter while visiting Vegas can be immensely fun. For those with addictive personalities, though, gambling can open up a world of pain.   


There are many examples of people who have lost their homes, family, and sanity as a result of gambling. Aside from the repercussions and stress caused by losing and building debts, betting can take over. Once you fall into the trap of thinking about nothing else, your whole life begins to suffer. Sadly, it will almost certainly change your personality.


Addiction rehab centers, self-imposed bans, and avoiding temptation will help. The first step, however, is to admit that there is a problem. Hopefully, simply reading this post will enable you to do that.   


#6. Thinking About Others


We live in a world where it’s very easy to compare yourself to others. Social media and the world of celebrity can influence your mind, making you feel inferior. But it’s crucial to remember that everyone has their individual pathways, meaning there’s no rush to achieve certain things. More importantly, most people tend to shield the negatives from the public eye.


As such, it’s safe to assume that most people aren’t doing quite as wonderful as they’d like you to think. Ultimately, though, their lives have the very little impact on your progress. Therefore, the best thing you can do is learn to focus on changing the things you can impact rather than worrying about the things you can’t.   


Above all else, this one simple step will allow you to be more productive in life. If that doesn’t boost your happiness and accomplishment, nothing will. That’s surely got to be better than suffering an inferiority complex due to needless comparisons.


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#7. Using Smartphones In Bed


Whether you’re single or in a relationship, it’s probable that you use your smartphone or iPad in bed. While you may think that this helps you prepare the body for bed, it actually has the reverse impact. Using those tech devices keeps the brain active, which prevents your mind from shutting off for the night. In turn, this will disrupt your sleep badly.


It can be argued that even televisions and magazines are bad distractions. If you suffer from insomnia, soothing music or even a podcast is probably the best solution. In truth, though, watching Netflix is probably fine. As long as you give your mind and body a suitable chance of easing into relaxation, you won’t go far wrong.


Other tips include exercising an hour or two before bed and taking a warm bath.


#8. Relying On Painkillers


In today’s hectic environment, the thought of seeing a medical expert can feel like an unnecessary hassle and expense. As such, it can be very tempting to self-diagnose and start using painkillers as a daily form of medication. They can be great resources for an occasional headache and bouts of flu. Sadly, becoming dependent on those pharmaceutical products could cause more damage than good.


Medical experts will always point you towards the best treatments for those health issues. If the financial implications are a concern, head to Usarx.com to find more about discount cards. Either way, ignoring the need for professional support is the worst thing you could do. Ultimately, none of the perceived barriers is worth potentially putting your health at risk.


The human body is an incredible thing, and the fact it’s telling you there is a problem says a lot. If you want to get it back to the best possible condition, seeking professional support is key.


 #9. Focusing Too Much On Work


A rewarding career is something that most people aspire to achieve, and that should be commended. However, work is only something that provides the resources and opportunities to enjoy our personal lives to the maximum. Therefore, it’s important to avoid the trap of living to work rather than working to live.


Establishing a strong work-life balance is vital for employees, entrepreneurs, and the self-employed. Of course, it helps to have a job that you genuinely love. However, that phrase that you’ll never work another day if you feel passionate about your work isn’t quite accurate. As such, it’s vital that you do more to get the most out of your leisure time.


Life is to be enjoyed. Focus too much on the work, and virtually all aspects of your health will suffer.


#10. Thinking About What You Want


Very few people are lucky enough to have the dream life that they desire. In truth, having something to strive for is one of the key factors that make life interesting and rewarding. While nobody should ever abandon their ambitions, it’s equally important to appreciate the good things in your world.


Having a home and a loving group of friends and family is something to be treasured. Capturing those magical moments in style will enable you to reminisce about years to come. As far as your emotional health is concerned, this one step can mean everything. Aside from generally leaving you in a happier frame of mind, the knowledge that you are surrounded by love and support is comforting.


It works both ways, and your presence will enhance the lives of your loved ones too. If that doesn’t give you an extra incentive to adapt your outlook, what will?

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What a great post! I knew you were speaking my language when you said “stop hitting the gym!” but then I realized you still wanted me to work out. Just kidding. I really love the idea of not thinking about other people and also not thinking about what we want. Thanks for sharing!


I love this post. Thanks for sharing xo


Guilty of some of these! Time to make some New Year’s resolutions.


Some interesting tips! I love a bath before bed and need to exercise a bit more!