4 Reasons Midlife Doesn’t Have To Suck!

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Why  Midlife Is Awesome

Midlife and getting older doesn’t have to suck! I cannot lie, when I turned forty I became obsessed with “being older”. The wrinkles, being tired, not having a young body anymore, though it’s not all dragging behind me yet.Some tell me I look younger and I’m not gonna lie ,I eat that up and those people are written down as A-listers.


Sure you really question your mortality and what you’ve accomplished but it wasn’t so long after that I realized it was the best time of my life. When I tell you life changed practically overnight, I’m not exaggerating. Your mind does a complete 180 for the better.


I am now closer to the end of my forties and loving it. Check out the reasons that make it so awesome:


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#1 I Don’t Give A F**k!

I thought I’d start off big and not even mess with the big finish. In your twenties, you tend to really care about the perception of others as well as a million other things that really don’t matter. I will admit that I didn’t care as much about what people thought as most, but still turning forty was an awakening in the I don’t give a f**k era.

I stopped worrying about stupid things like what people thought of me which really is an intoxicating freedom you can’t imagine. It washes over to so many things, for instance, what I’m wearing, whether I have a full face of makeup. You no longer feel that kind of pressure. Don’t you like me? I don’t care! You get the gist.

The worries lord the worrying reduces so much it’s amazing! I used to worry about EVERY SINGLE THING, even in my thirties and now I just don’t do it. Granted I am a details person so there are some things that just haven’t changed but I remember a time that I would even analyze conversations I had with people after and now well if you like me great, I adopted a “like it or lump it take it down the road and dump it” attitude.


#2 Mature Women Are Impossibly Sexy

You might not believe me but I look better now than I did at 25. Why? So glad you asked. I am comfortable in my skin. I grew into my looks and became accepting and happy about how I looked.


There have actually been people from high school that I friended on Facebook that didn’t believe my pictures were really me. True story. I have wrestled with body image like most women until midlife and I just accepted that this was me and that is beautiful enough.

Even more than that, you learn what suits you and what doesn’t. I could show you a few choices that were questionable but that’s part of growing. So you will never see me with short hair because I know just because some people look great with it, I look best with long hair, red red red!




Take Your Drama..To The Left To The Left

Yes, I am quoting my favorite Beyoncé lyric. As women, we often have a way of inserting ourselves in drama and other useless things. Something happens when you get older, maybe it’s being wise or just realizing the inevitable outcome is just more stress and more drama. So don’t bring any of that mess here, Mama has no time for that.

One thing I learned in midlife is that confrontation nearly always solves nothing and you can’t make people respect you. Seems as if respect seems to be a great force in most dramatic situations. If you disrespect me then I don’t need you, it’s really that simple.


Time Is Precious

I’ve talked about this in my Pearls Of Wisdom post and I can’t stress it enough. Don’t waste my time! I don’t know about you but that is something that seriously gets under my skin.

One thing I love about midlife is the wisdom to see what is really important. Maybe it’s because you don’t have as much time in life as you did before but you tend to stop wasting time on unimportant things.


Midlife can be the best time of your life and here are 4 reasons to embrace getting older

There is so much more that is great about getting older but these were four things I really love about midlife. What about you, what do you love about getting older?



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When I was in my 20s, I used to say I looked forward to getting wrinkles so people would take me seriously. Now that I have wrinkles, I laugh at my 20-something self. But it doesn’t suck 🙂

Nabeeda Bakali

I feel like there seems to be stigma around getting older but people don’t realise its beauty. Great post <3

What I love most about getting older is absolutely not to give a ‘monkey’ anymore about what people think or say about me. I know who I am , I know what I can , I know what I want … and I know what I don’t want. No time for drama , no time for haters , no time for nonsense. Best state of mind ever 😊 I just wished, the state of the body would improve equally with the years. But …. the priorities change , and weren’t we gorgeous looking birds a few years ago?! Now we… Read more »