5 Fun Ways To Find That Much-Needed Motivation


Motivation: New Ways To Keep Going When You Want To Give Up


Sometimes in life, we all just feel deflated. And that’s okay. Because it’s only natural for you want to just give up on things every now and again. But it’s the idea of it only happening on the odd occasion that makes it feel normal. If you’re finding that you’re lacking in motivation all of the time, then you may need a little bit of help to get yourself back on track. Whether you’re self-employed, you’re getting really bored at work, or you’re just going through a bit of a slump period, then you need to know exactly how you find that motivation you need. So here are five fun ways that you can go about finding it.



Incentivize Yourself


Fun point number one: incentivize yourself. Not feeling work today? Get yourself through it with the promise of a hot bath and an early night when you get home. Because recharging your batteries could be exactly what you need. Struggling to get through some work for a client? Incentivize yourself with a special purchase when they pay, just for completing a project that could have pushed you over the edge! Sometimes, a little incentive is all you need to make sure you stay on track and get through a rough day!



Play Some Music


Then there’s always music. Because even when you’re in the worst of funks, you should find that if you put on your favorite tunes, you instantly feel better. It’s like magic. When you want to scream and cry with frustration, put your favorite song on and sing along – silently if you have to. And when that doesn’t work, try some classic inspirational songs. There’s nothing like a good old tune to keep you on track.


Go For A Run


As much as you want to cringe at the idea, exercise always helps. With. Out. Fail. So get your tennis shoes on and get outside. If you’re not the biggest running bunny, then don’t run – but still get out there. You need oxygen in your system, and you need your blood flowing. Sometimes, a simple walk will really do the trick to help you regroup, regain your focus, and feel more motivated than ever.


Look To The Stars


Next, you should think about looking into the future. And no, we’re not just talking about dreaming about what you want. But actually looking to the stars. Yes, that’s right, read up on horoscope and even look at love horoscopes to help restart your motivation too. You may even want to go and see a fortune teller for a bit of fun. Because when you’re lacking focus, a little insight into the future can put you back on track.



Drink Up!


And when all else fails, you always have to look for your motivation at the bottom of your coffee cup. Yes, it really can be that simple. When you’re feeling that mid-afternoon slump, try to break past it. Get up, make a fresh pot of coffee, stretch and switch your mind off for 5 minutes. By the time the caffeine hit your system, you should have found the motivation you’ve been missing.


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