Fab Five Friday: Five Things On My Bucket List

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My Bucket List Top Five


Do you have a bucket list? We all kind of have that mental list of things we want to do before we die and look I don’t have my plot picked out or anything but as I was thinking about top five things for the series I thought about what I haven’t done that I would really like to do. With that in mind here are five things I thought of and I’ll be real I am sure I am going to add to the list as time goes on.




#1 Travel Abroad

I know what you’re thinking, but Heidi you travel all the time and you would be right, I definitely do. If you are unsure about what I am referring to. I have lived in 6 different states and moved approximately 12 times in ten years. It has truly been a great experience since I spent a big chunk of my life in a small town but here’s a news flash. You ready? I have never been out of the country!


bucket list


I have a whole list of places I want to go that are part of my fantasy bucket list: Italy, Greece, Spain and honestly anywhere tropical! Give Heidi a beach and she is happy.

I love to travel and see new places, meet new people but moving from place to place has been challenging, I think I’d rather settle in a place close to my family and just take trips.


#2 Make This Blogging Thing A Real Success


Blogging has really changed my life in a lot of ways. I make money now so I guess on some level I have found success and that has truly been incredible for me to have something all my own, that is a feeling hard to put into words for people who haven’t lived it but to create a business is a feeling like no other. So that itself might not be the bucket list dream but how far it goes definitely is.


That being said I would really love for it to get to the point where I can hire people and maybe not have to work quite so much and so hard. I’m not complaining at all, it is amazing to make money from home and has totally changed my outlook on my life. Maybe for the first time in my life, I have ambition and drive to succeed, who knew?


#3 The Ultimate Shopping Spree



This is where I get typically female! I am obsessed with two material things! Boots and Sunglasses so in this bucket list dream I have, somebody let me loose with unlimited amounts of cash in a store that only sells Boots and Shades. I don’t mean the cheap stuff either. Normally that really isn’t my game as I am not really fashion forward per say but Booooots yes yes yes!


#4 Location Location Location


Come spend a little time with me in Fantasy Land! People have often asked me when I will stop moving and I have to be honest in saying I would really like to, I am sick of moving but I highly doubt Atlanta is my last stop. My dream, of course, would be a small house on a beach. The beach is my favorite e place to be, I cannot lie.


bucket list


But I will settle for living near a beach again, even when I lived in New Haven there was a beach and as soon as it got warm I would go after work and just sit there for hours. I miss that about New Jersey even though when I lived there we all took it for granted.


#5 Not Worry About Money


It is really a goal of mine to have enough money to live the way I want. I’m not saying I worry overmuch about it but of course, it’s always in my mind well maybe you should or shouldn’t do that because of money and I really wanna be able to say screw it! I know it will sound strange but money has never really been what I was about which is probably why I didn’t have any.


This is definitely one, if not the main thing I will achieve with this list. So what’s on your bucket list?

5 Things on my bucket list

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I love these bucket list ideas. I have them as well. I would love to make blogging a full time job and be able to travel without worrying about money.

Shakirah Iman

As I was reading this all I was thinking is, “OMG this sounds just like me.” This bucket list is everything I want in life!


I would like to see a great white shark in the wild,go to Ireland,visit Midway Island,book another live show and meet Andrew Vachss


YES! #5 is hitting me pretty hard right now. Maybe because we’re tight on money and I’ve never had to think about it the way I’m thinking about it now. I’ve always been self-sufficient and, even with a teacher’s salary, was able to survive on my own. But, now, with this med school thing thrown in the mix and being married = financial freedom would be FABULOUS.

This list is easy to achieve. Talk to me if you wish to buy boots. I work in the fashion industry, I last bought a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes for $225. Sunglasses, I might have a solution for you there too, but will have to keep you posted on that. Blogging, well, you’re already on your way there. Leaving the country, well who knows what the future might hold. We may meet to travel together in the future. I go to Europe almost yearly. I also have access to the Virgin Islands with a few connections. Maybe we can… Read more »
Glenda Cates

Knowing my son is taken care of if something happens to me and being able to leave money behind for him to not have to worry about things. A nice car and home as well as being able to Travel to a beach.


We have a lot in common with our bucket lists. I too share those same goals. Good luck! You are well on your way.


great play with F word! You must be having a stunning imagionation 😀