Fab Five Friday: 5 Things You Need To Know To Live In The South!


Here’s What You Should Know If You Wanna Move South

I am a northern girl in a southern world! One thing about me you should know is I move around a lot, I’ve lived in six states and counting. I say counting because as much as I might feel settled you never know. Never say Never! Currently, I live in the dirty south aka Atlanta, Georgia..That’s right y’all

I will always be a northern girl at heart but naturally, wherever I go I want to fit into the environment. To a northern girl, the south can seem like another planet. Might you be thinking oh cmon Heidi really? Yes really! There are many differences and I’ll be honest, it is still taking some gettin used to. So this week I thought I’d highlight in fun, what you need to know:


#1 There’s Hot And Then There’s Southern Hot

Priding myself as a summer girl my first thought was yay its warmer in the south. Warmer doesn’t begin to cover it. Let’s just say it’s May and already it’s hit 90 and that’s pretty normal. The sun is crazy hot here and shade is limited. When I tell you everyone has air conditioning I am not exaggerating. I honestly had a hard time getting used to the average 100+ summer day. Even in the winter if the sun is out it can seem 20 degrees warmer.


#2 Highway Or Bust!

To live in the south you really have to drive! One of the reasons I wasn’t overjoyed to move south was because I don’t drive. Mass transit is eh not ideal unless you live close to the city. Add to that most towns in the south are spread out. When I lived in Podunk, Virginia all the towns were 30 miles apart from each other and that’s totally interstate.

I remember thinking geez their cars are nicer than their homes and that’s because it is all highway driving, you need a good car! Luckily and on purpose, we live very close to downtown Atlanta so I could get around.



#3 If You Call It Iced Tea I Can’t Protect You

Must drink Sweet Tea! Don’t you dare put lemon in it either. Southerners love their Sweet Tea which I am not really fond of it is very, very sweet. I am not a tea person but who needs that much sugar? They do and they will tell you so, in a very sweet way.


#4 What’s The Rush?

If you are coming to the south by way of say New York City well let’s just say you’re gonna have to slow your roll ALOT! Everything moves slower here. People are really in no rush at all which is hard to get used to because in the north everyone is in a rush. On the one hand, this can be very relaxing unless you’re late, then it’s a problem. Have you heard about Atlanta traffic? Yeah, it’s that bad. You gotta plan your travels two hours ahead.

5 Things You Need To Know To Live In The South!


#5 Speak The Native Language

Finally my favorite part! The south has a language all it’s own. Being told off by a southerner leaves you wondering whether you should be mad or not. Southerners are very polite and hospitable. Some accents I still can’t understand. The phrases or southern-isms though are priceless. My absolute fave is “Bless Your Heart”. Your never sure whether the speaker is caring or flipping you off.

Some common sayings include “over yonder” and “I reckon”. Another one I used to hear quite often was “flicted”. If you weren’t right in the head or a little crazy, you were flicted.

All in all, though the south is a great place to live with drawbacks like any other. Do you live in the south? Share your stories, I’d love to hear them!





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Appalachian language is rubbing off on me! Save me!

ShopGirl Anonymous

Y’all just need to embrace and bow down to the superior souther charms. 😉


Haha! I laughed all the way through this.
We are about two hours north of ATL.

Mary Burris

I would die with all of the humidity! I like warmth, but there’s a limit to that. I need to find a nice mild weather location. Portland, Oregon wasnt too bad for that – depending on what part of town you lived.