Dear Blogger: Here Is The Best Blogging Advice I Ever Got!

Hey You Blogger: Here Is Great Blogging Advice

Do you want to be a successful blogger? Of course, you do, why else would you do this crazy thing? I am not a blogging expert and let’s get real, there is no such thing! You can’t be an expert at something that constantly changes. There are pro bloggers who have gotten rich doing this thing like Jon Morrow and Darren Rowse, but the truth is practically every business has a blog now.

The blogging world has exploded along with the Internet and that’s, even more, the reason to be the best blogger we can be. I am not an expert but I am a blogger and even more important I am a reader. Every day I talk to other bloggers and even more average readers. There is tons of information out there and here is the advice I found to be the best of the best:

Find Your Own Way

When I started I would read so many of the blogs preaching how to blog and let me just say one of the things we bloggers often joke about is “There’s A Course For That”. Everyone has a blogging course and when we are new we want to be good at it so we are easy prey.

Am I saying to not take courses? No I am not and god knows I don’t want to hurt anyone’s pocket but hear this, there is no magic pill for every blogger. If we all did it the same we would have the same blog. You have to find your own way. Not only that I am not going to take a how to blog course from a mom or fashion blogger.

My advice is to take specific courses that teach a skill. Marketing, Affiliate Marketing. Social Media, SEO, Monetizing. These are courses worth taking and worth spending money on.

Investigate the teacher. Do not pay for a course from someone who can not validate their authority on the subject. I cannot stress this enough, with so many offering courses it is hard to know the best way to go. Find out about them and their success, find out from other students what their experience was.


What’s Your Plan

So many start blogging without a plan and if you are looking to ever make money with your blog this is a fool’s errand. The best advice came from Blog tyrant who said you should work backward. Know where you want to end up. Even if that just means writing for pleasure. I had a plan right from the beginning, I didn’t just start writing, I planned my blog from the very beginning. It has surpassed my expectations and of course, it is always evolving.

The Best Blogging Advice I Ever Got
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The Cool Kids

Bloggers in the know are constantly saying to connect with influencers in your niche and I do agree with that but what I did was a little different. I found someone, a blogger who had more experience and years of marketing experience and stalked the shit out of him. Why? Because he was making money and I wanted to make money. He knew things I didn’t know.

Most of the time these people will honestly connect with you and you don’t have to opt for the creep factor but as I am not really one to openly ask for help I thought I could do the same thing by watching and following, it completely worked too.


Creating Your Traffic Jam

The one question that always baffles and frustrates me is “How Do I Get Traffic”? For one thing, don’t buy the blogging advice promising 30k visitors in a month by buying this tool or that product. There are two ways Promotion and Engagement.  Promoting yourself on Social Media and building a list.

Why build a list? Heed this blogging advice made of gold. Because it is your steady stream of traffic. Even if you’re not selling anything you want subscribers especially with Social Media making constant changes which make visibility increasingly more difficult.

Engage with others to get them to share your content. You can do this on every social network. Sometimes as well, there are extra things you can receive engagement such as linking to others. I do this all the time and in turn I have found those same people linking to me.


blogging advice

Your Unique Voice

Finally, let’s get to the gist of it and my final blogging advice. We all strive to write great content but that alone will not necessarily achieve success. Think about it, there are millions of blogs so that means the same information is everywhere and that is where our unique voice comes in.

One thing that drives me crazy is blog posts that look as if someone copied and changed a few words around. Too many posts, especially sponsored posts look eerily the same. There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of a good idea but it should be told in your voice.

We go to blogs for information and for the writer, do we not? Everyone has their own style and their own voice. It isn’t about how brilliant it is. It is the storyteller that hooks us. I love the advice that said you should write as if you are speaking to your best friend.

What is the best blogging advice you ever got?


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All good advice! When I first started, I almost spend a good amount of $ on a blogging “coach”. I’m so glad I didn’t. I got to talk to her on the phone for a consultation and I didn’t feel like she was qualified to be charging anyone. So glad I listened to my intuition and just learned from others and courses!

Bren Lee

Fabulous advice, Heidi!

If you’re not careful, you could end up following the wrong advice and never achieving what you are seeking. I think the best advice I ever received was “Build a Community”. With my previous lifestyle blog, that’s exactly what I did. Building a Community of like-minded influencers and bloggers can help you go far.

Passing this along!


Such great advice! thank you I needed this today ❤️


Definitely all good tips! The most important thing I’ve found is to have a plan from the beginning. Otherwise you might be wasting time! Thanks for sharing!

Cheryl Oreglia
Great post Heidi. I thought starting a blog was part post menopausal wisdom and insightful thoughts while carpooling with mom to chemo treatments. I quickly learned that wisdom is relative and readers are rare as a Safeway Monopoly win. I’m addictive by nature so just to be stubborn I kept writing and it hooked me like coffee and wine. I’d love to reach a broader audience than my mom, sister, and best friend. I’ll be applying your tips! Stop by for a read if you get a chance. I’m Living in the Gap by Cheryl Oreglia. It will appear page… Read more »

This was a really helpful read. Im currently trying to navigate my way in the blogging world and really do appreciate your insights. Main thing of course is that content is king!


Such an amazing advice! Thanks for sharing it with us.


Thanks for the advice! I’m new to blogging and totally didn’t plan anything… but im really excited to get started and I’m liking where it’s going! Now I must start to get a plan into action instead of “winging” it!


Thank you so much for these. I am a new blogger and this is something that I can learn from. I am going to start planning and looking at what my goal is for my blog. Thanks again! I’ll be your frequent visitor for sure!