The Best Ways To Find Your Blog Audience


Top Reasons To Find Your Blog Audience: Strategies That Work!


Let me guess, you want more traffic. Your blog is brilliant and you are sharing it everywhere and zilch, nada, crickets. This is often followed by frustration and lots of it. Before you read another tutorial on how to get thousands of page views doing this or that you better read this post on finding your blog audience. You can thank me later!


Stop, stop, stop looking at your page views and checking your stats every day! We all have done this and it will drive you mad and be the leading reason you quit. I only look at stats once a week, if that, wanna know why? They don’t matter as much as you think. So many make the mistake of thinking a viral post actually means something.


If you have had a viral post it poisons you because it is now all you think about, creating more viral posts. If you have had a viral post try also taking a look at your bounce rate. Odds are it is way high, which means the multitudes of readers don’t come back and basically just glance at it.


I believe this is the leading mistake most new bloggers make. Instead of focusing on 1,000 visitors you should be focusing on the 20 visitors who come back and sign up to your site. That’s right your most valuable traffic source is the one that lasts, that comes back time after time. These are also the readers that will buy your products, take your course, read your book. This is what conversion is all about.


Do I have your attention now? So let’s talk about how to build your blog audience, it’s not as hard as you think:



The Niche Of It All


There are much debate and confusion on the subject of Niches. Something I knew right from the start is you have to have one! Having a niche doesn’t mean you can only write about one thing. What it does give you is a home base, a starting off point. My Lifestyle Blog’s niche is Women. My first thought in planning the blog was, what topic do I know a lot about?


Well, I’ve been a woman my whole life so presto there it was. Women is a ginormous niche with loads of competition which is why your value is in your topics. When you have a niche you can write on many other topics but they all must point back to your main niche.


blog audience



There are also Sub-Niches. People generally do this when a niche is overpopulated. For instance, if your niche is Mental Health, your sub-niche might be anxiety. The best way to attract your audience is knowledge on your topic. This is why your topics should be well planned.


Where My People At


Do you think that once people read your blog post they are going to flock to your site? No, no and no. There are thousands upon thousand of blogs with thousands being added every day. You have to go out into the Websphere and find your people! Look for people who are interested in your topics. Connect with others who are writing on your topics.


Facebook Groups are brilliant for this because people are forever asking questions and looking for solutions. It is a great way to insert your posts instead of needlessly dumping them everywhere. Look for a way to solve peoples problems. I run into this all the time.



Stand Out


One question you have to ask yourself is why should anybody read your content? In the end, it comes down to the writer. We go back to the blog or website for the writer. Think about why you go to websites. There are some I go to because I know they will have the information I want and know what they are talking about or I will laugh until I pee myself.



blog audience


Having a unique style is important. I worked hard to develop my writing style. I am probably not a brilliant writer but typically when you go to one of my blogs you tend to know it’s me.


It’s Not All About You


Finally, I’ve saved the best for last! Give the people what they want. By now hopefully, you have planned out your topics and chosen a target audience. This is a good thing and you know I am all about a plan, but you know what they say about the best-laid plans, be prepared for change.


After you’ve been up and running for a while, you want to research just who your readers are and what they are reading to find your blog audience. I did this on all my sites, boy was I ever surprised. You have to check your demographic and your top ten posts to get a clear view of your blog audience.


At Womanpulse, I found that my readers were 21-40 and 40 percent male, I was like what?? I am a midlife woman and the people reading my content were younger than I expected. Relationships were my best-converting topic. So what did I do? Being no dummy I wrote more content targeted to what people were responding to. So yes the only answer is to give them what they want!





I hope that this post gives you more clarity on how to effectively build traffic that will endure. Of course engaging in social media is also important but for the longevity of your blog, you have to build a blog audience! Tell me what you think? Have you done any of these things and have they worked for you?









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John McBride

Great advice, Heidi! Thanks for posting.


Hm, growing a steady audience is what all bloggers long for, I guess. I just thought about it all, actually the best part of following a blog/blogger is seeing the progress and changes the different bloggers make. Thinking about how we all started. It’s an exciting journey, isn’t it? We should have known all that 10-15 years ago. I bet, it was much easier then.

Janice Wald

I have started answering questions at Quora and leaving links to my posts that answer questions there.