Take Your Blog Success To The Next Level In 2018

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What’s Next For Your Blog Success In 2018?

Have you reached your glass ceiling in blogging? No, of course, you haven’t but there are times it can feel that way. You were getting so much traffic and opportunities once upon a time and then splat, it seems like it bottomed out. I have so been there and that was how I knew it was important to figure out what my next steps were. Things change constantly, not only in the blog world, but the Internet at large, so we must be willing to change with them and here’s how.


Here’s My Story

This December marks my two-year Blogaversary! Yay, I made it. I have been lucky enough to learn a lot and manage to turn it into an income. It has been exciting, especially having no background in Internet Marketing to pull it off.



I started much like all bloggers with a lot of coffee and an idea. That idea was Womanpulse, which blossomed into three more blogs. I loved it so much that I couldn’t seem to stop building, but like a lot of businesses online, I was sailing along with one stream of income and basically following the same formula, day after day.

My stubborn as hell streak could never just throw in the towel, so, I started researching and implementing new aspects of blogging. You have to keep up with whats going on, so here are a few things I found out that I am sure will help you take your blog biz to the next level.



Getting everything done can be the biggest challenge in blogging and also the thing that tips you over the edge. There will never be enough time, ever. What I have found to be the most useful in blogging and life is to schedule my process and compartmentalize.

Have certain days and times that you do things every day. You do it until it’s second nature, especially when it comes to writing. I have always split up the writing process. I do research and the actual writing on separate days. I have specific times of the day for marketing. Having a schedule allows you to have more time for your life and also increases the quality of your work.


blog success
How’s Your Hustle Baby?

Be Reasonable With Your Hustle

You have to learn no. Anyone who works online knows that we do a zillion different jobs or side hustles and what I’ve come to realize is this is counterproductive. Piling too much on your plate can actually result in losing money and blog success, how?

You have so much to do that you get nothing done. Someone once said to me “you gotta do one thing at a time”. I rolled my eyes, I’m not going to lie, but it is completely true. Four blogs that are monetized, meant four times the work. So while turning down jobs can be hard, try to concentrate on no more than three streams of income that you can reasonably complete.


Recurring Income

I am sure you have heard top bloggers say the only way to make money blogging is recurring income. This is important because it is a guaranteed payday. Think about it, instead of working gig to gig, get paid monthly. This is done by offering services or creating digital products. There limitless options to blog success by offering unique services.

Digital products such as courses and ebooks always sell, as long as people are looking for what you have to offer.

Create a Membership Site on a topic you know about. I recently took a mini-course that broke this down in a really simple way. Maybe your topic Parenting, you get a handful of moms to sign up for a monthly fee offering content they can only get as a member and that is guaranteed money, every month.


There are those doing this in Facebook Groups and I think it’s a brilliant idea.

Collaborate Smart

Now while I believe if it’s possible to help another blogger, you totally should, but when it comes to partnering and collaborating on projects, you need to totally be smart. Just because someone asks, doesn’t necessarily make it a good idea.

I have collaborated on a few projects and figured out that anything you lend your name to should increase your value. So now there are a few things I look for. I will only partner on projects with people who have a vested interest in the success of the project and know what they are doing.

It is important to surround yourself with people who are not only interested in their blog success but yours as well..In other words, LEVEL UP.

Social Media

Social Media changes all the time so you have to adapt. I remember when I started, just sharing my posts on Facebook was magical. In my first few months of blogging I was seeing over 500 views a day, but today, it isn’t that easy. My first piece of advice is to stop DUMPING POSTS.

How many times do you see people say they share and schedule posts every day and still aren’t getting traffic. That is because it doesn’t work, there are too many of us. Even Facebook Pages are becoming irrelevant because just like us, Facebook needs to make their money. The only way you will be able to reach an organic audience will be through Facebook Ads



All About Mobile

This year’s trend was all about Mobile. That is not surprising, given how much we are on our phones and today there is nothing we can’t do on a cellphone. Invest in a responsive theme or you will lose readers.

Step Outside The Box

Since Social Media can be fickle you have to look for more unusual means of getting your content out there and there are a few things that others have had success with. Medium has been popular for a lot of bloggers to get extra eyes on their blog.

I have written on Medium myself. The site alone has millions of viewers and they allow you to share your posts and even redirect original content so you can get more interest to your blog. Medium has large communities that will invite writers to post under their community, which is great exposure.


Goal Setting

You absolutely MUST set goals and know your whys. Bryan Harris has the best idea I have ever heard of to keep you on track. Post a note on your workspace that displays in from of your face on a daily basis “your whys”


  • What does blogging mean for you?
  • What do you hope to gain?


Engage Your Readers

Finally, because of the changes in Social Media and even Google, it is more urgent than ever to build a list, but not only that, engage your readers regularly. I have just started sending out emails weekly and not just to sell: Make it personal! Ask their opinions on your content. Ask them what their challenges are.

Engaging your readers in the conversation makes them feel connected to you and your content in a way that ensures they will be interested in what you have to say.

2018 is coming, I hope these tips help you to step up your game for even more blog success! Ciao For Now











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