How Blogging Saved My Sanity In 2017


Blogging Kept Me From Losing My Mind


Are you with me in kicking 2017 to the curb hard? 2017 was memorable in so many ways for so many of us, dare I say TRUMP, but for me, it was the best and worst year of my life. It was as if someone backed a dump truck filled with shit, threw a handful of glitter on top, and dumped it at my feet. I will be honest, there were times I was crumbling, wondering if I could do it.

I had to face hard facts about my life, I had been ignoring and wound up finding out, that on top of completely starting over, I was losing someone precious to me. Now any of these things would be stressful for most people, but unfortunately for me, it was happening all at once. Normally even mildly stressful events would have me bowing down under the weight of panic attacks but strangely enough, that didn’t happen.

It might have you shaking your head but I truly believe blogging kept me from going under. What many who are just starting out don’t really understand is blogging isn’t just a job or a hobby, blogging truly is a culture, a community.


Finding Your Blog Clique

You will get nowhere without connections in the blogosphere and the truth is these partnerships you make can truly turn into so much more than you ever expected. My connections helped me in so many ways it still makes my head spin. I honestly still get a little overwhelmed by the care and support I found from bloggers, as I am really not one to ask for help and in no way expected it would turn into real life friendships.

I really never thought of online friends as real friends until I started blogging but when things started to get hinky for me there were four especially who became important to my life. Objective people to just let you ramble on or give you that all too needed kick in the ass to keep you on track.




Then there was Shareen from OTV. It is hard for me to put into words how grateful I am for her support and it cemented into my brain one night for me. I was stressed, but that wasn’t unusual and that’s when the phone call came. “I felt that you needed me, what’s wrong?” I knew then she was my one. That one friend who can actually sense when they need you and are there no matter what. This really happens because we spend hours upon hours in this blog game.


Writing Is Therapy

No matter what you blog for or what you write about, writing and having an active outlet for your brain is therapy. Everything about it helps. The research, even the act of typing gives your mind a place to go, a spot to focus on. For those of us operating a personal blog, it is like poking a hole in your head and letting all the feelings just drip out. It is amazing!


Helping Others

Jon Morrow said, if you aren’t in blogging to help people you mine as well just hang it up and he is completely right. The only way to be a successful blogger is to help others, solve a problem. We all know things that have the power to help people, even change lives.

Bloggers are maybe the most helpful people I’ve ever met because we know nobody gets there alone. I help new bloggers all the time and helping others helps me to forget about my own issues at times.




Finding Out What You’re Made Of

Blogging totally changed my life.. I have been blogging for two years now and it gave me something I really wasn’t expecting A BUSINESS. When I started, I did want to make money but to be honest, I wasn’t expecting what happened. I had just finished a Social Media Marketing course, so I had some idea about how it worked but wasn’t expecting that in two years I would have a self-sustaining business and more ambition than I knew what to do with.


3 Blogging Lessons To Learn From


  • Plan, Plan, Plan

The best thing I did for my blog was to have a plan. I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve and though your plan should and will change over time, a plan makes all the difference. When I launched no one had a clue that I didn’t know what I was doing.

  • Invest In Yourself

Of all the lessons I learned this year perhaps the most important one was “You have to spend money to make money”.

The best things I spent money on were Self-Hosting, a Virtual Assistant, and Social Media Scheduling Tools.

Up To 6X Faster WordPress Hosting

I know it’s tempting to go with a free blogging platform but what I found was that self-hosting allowed me a more professional site and quality traffic.


  • Keep Learning

I really can’t say this enough. You have to keep up with the changes, which happen almost daily. Keep doing research and testing into what works and what doesn’t.

Follow more successful bloggers who know what they are doing. That doesn’t mean copying, because we all have to find our own voice, our own way.

I hope these tips inspire you to keep going and living the blogging life!

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Lovely – having ‘friends’ who listen and make time for us when we’re down is so rare and precious, although nobody can solve our problems for us. Here’s to a better 2018!

Shareen Ayoub Mansfield

You know how many times you saved me? I clearly remember sitting in my Jeep crying & just spilling my guts out to you finding relief in the sound of your voice . I can’t imagine a day without talking to you or hearing about your day. You are by definition a true partner & friend . You give without hesitation and you are true. I love you!

Divorced Millennial

This is so true! I have been blown away at how therapeutic blogging has been for me.


Thanks for sharing this! These are great tips! What are your thoughts further on a Virtual Assistant? What type of perks have you found by using one compared to doing things yourself? 😀 Its something I’ve been thinking about.


I so agree with all of this! I started blogging for all of these reasons…


This article was so powerful. I could relate to so much and loved reading it. I haven’t been blogging for that long, but I already feel so connected to it. It really is a powerful thing in so many ways. Thanks for sharing!


This is EXACTLY what blogging should be about. It should be about lifting yourself up and supporting others.

Cristina x


Writing really is good therapy. I didn’t even know what blogging was a year ago and now I’ve come to enjoy sharing and writing about things that someone else may enjoy.


I must agree! I have received most of my blog’s love and support from other bloggers. It’s amazing. Blogging has been the same thing for me. It’s my therapy.

Tia Jones

Great post, I feel that blogging is a powerful tool for business and one’s psyche. I love feeling like my knowledge has some sort of value to someone no matter how small the audience. But I do see how essential it is to plan when it comes to blogging. Without planning, things become really sloppy lol.

– Tia |


Great post! I can relate to it completely! There are so many courses there being sold, difficult to pick! Anyone you would recommend? Thanks

Ray Ruzzo

This is so true it hurts. I actually have a blog post on my drafts about blogging as self-care. Its therapeutic and community building and I love it. Thanks for sharing!


So true! Writing is a great form of therapy for your mind and has helped me also