Fab 5 Friday: 5 Blogging Tools For New Bloggers

5 Blogging Tools New Bloggers Really Need


I know what you’re thinking..Heidi, not you too!! I have made fun of Affiliate and Sponsored Posts enough to commiserate truly but as a girl just has to eat I thought why not jump on board! That being said you should know that I will never promote any services or products that I don’t personally use, that is my promise to you. There are so many blogging tools you really need and that’s why I felt compelled to share my favorites.


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Ok, so what is the blogging truth today? Being a new blogger is not easy, it is far from easy and can get downright frustrating which is the primary reason I started writing these posts. Believe it or not, I never intended this blog to go in the blog advice arena but being new is hard no matter how well you plan it out.


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Today we are going to delve into blogging tools a little. One of the most frustrating things, as you are building your blog, are all the hit or misses with the blog itself. Even if you’ve set it up and think you got it all down so many things can go wrong. Then there is the sea of tools available and knowing which ones are easy. I have so been there and that’s why I thought I’d show you five of my faves. There are free and paid options which are very affordable. So let’s get started.



Content with poor grammar can really make or break you in the blogging world. Let me keep it real for a second, I SUCK AT GRAMMAR! So when I discovered Grammarly, I was like oh yes, please. You can set it up for automatic checks and it is amazing. I honestly couldn’t live without it. It highlights your error with the right corrections.

There are free and paid plans. Of course, the paid plan will get you more features which are amazing and isn’t it worth it to put out amazing, well-structured content? With the free plan you get basic checks for spelling and punctuation but with the paid plan you get over 400 checks and features including a Plagiarism Checker.

Headline Analyzer

Have you been to the Co-Schedule Blog yet? It is an amazing source of information and products. There is a free tool called the Headline Analyzer that helps you to learn how to balance your headlines with keywords, emotional and power words to create a balanced title that people want to click on.



Mailer Lite is an email client tool and why do you need it? As I stated in the earlier post you need to build a list and the sooner the better. You may be saying to yourself, I’m not selling anything. The truth is it doesn’t matter, your list is your steady stream of traffic and by using an email marketing service you are setting up a customer base down the road.

In my dreams and yours, amazing services like ConvertKit would be fabulous but we can’t all afford that and the magical thing about Mailerlite is how easy it is and even the free plan has a lot of great features like free autoresponders meaning so much automation.

Their email campaigns and opt-in boxes are really attractive too. Did I say free landing pages? Yup, true story! There are paid and free plans that are based on how many users you have. What is great is even the paid plan is pretty damn cheap, starting as low as $20 a month.



If you didn’t know I love Boardbooster! I caught on a little late to the Pinterest Scheduling Tools and I tried a few but by far Boardbooster is my favorite of the blogging tools for Pinterest. I know Tailwind is a favorite of many but BoardBooster is so cheap and has so many features.

Scheduling your pins, rotating your pins, finding pins in Pinterest to post to your boards! There is very little you can’t do including campaigns to schedule to your Group Boards. It saves an enormous amount of time and their paid plan has $5 and $10 options. Such a sweet deal.


Social Warfare

Finally, we come to my favorite! Social Sharing Buttons can be such a hassle. We have all had occasions where they just stopped showing up or malfunctioned in some way. Maybe you are thinking why should I pay for sharing buttons when I can get them for free?

I can start with what’s great about Social Warfare. They are great for branding as you can customize the shape and color. They are fast. You can upload your pin image so it is the only featured image for Pinterest which you don’t have to put on your blog post and the same goes for your Social Media featured image, title, and description.

Did I mention free click to tweets? Not only that but UTM Tracking and analytics it is an amazing service. Speaking of service their Customer Service is totally amazing. Anytime I have had a question or problem they get back to me within the hour. No lie. The price is also pretty amazing at just 29 for the year.



So there you have it, five of my favorite tools for new bloggers and my seasoned friends as well. What are your favorite blogging tools?


5 Blogging Tools For New Bloggers

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All are great tools that I use too!

paras dhankecha

all tools are good. thank you for sharing.

Jamil Ahmed

pretty much known tools to me. Really helpful.


Grammarly is such a useful tool to have, especially for those of us that get our words mixed up!! Informative post. I will have to check out your other options.

Words of a Texas Nerd

I’ve been hearing about Grammarly a lot lately. At first, I wasn’t a fan. Being a professional editor, they make me somewhat obsolete. But they do have a wonderful service!


I’ve been blogging for a little while now, but honestly hadn’t heard of any of these, so I appreciate you sharing! I’m excited to try these out!


These are all great ideas!!!