A Blogpreneur’s Guide Partnering With Brands

What You Need To Know About Partnering With Brands


You have spent months, or even years growing your blog, and finally, all of that hard work is starting to pay off. You are beginning to be contacted by brands and PR companies asking if you would like to collaborate with different brands.



While you are incredibly excited to be getting to the stage where you can work with brands, the chances are that you are also feeling a little unsure of who you should and shouldn’t work with. The truth is that you shouldn’t say yes to every opportunity that comes your way as a blogger because not all opportunities are a good fit for you and your blog.


If an opportunity does not fit the bill, then being smart enough to turn it down is important. You don’t want to just take every opportunity that comes your way; your blog is your brand, and it is important that you treat it as such. You don’t want to take opportunities that could potentially damage your brand by putting your audience off, do you?


Bearing that in mind, below are some tips and pieces of advice for making the process of

choosing brands to collaborate with, a little easier.



Do you love the brand/is it of interest to you?


The first question that you need to ask yourself is whether you love the brand and whether it is of interest to you. The fact is that if you are going to work with a brand, you need to ensure that you, personally are interested in what they offer and their ethos. Because if you are not passionate about a brand, it will show in the content that you create about them. If a brand who you love contacts you, work with them, but if a brand that you are not keen on because of their image, ethos, or another reason, make sure to consider their proposition carefully before accepting it.


Does the brand fit your blog?

Every brand has their own unique style, which is what makes different brands popular with various audiences. Take coffee shops for instance; their brand is defined not only by what they serve but also by the designs of what they serve things in. Beverage label design is something that attracts people to different coffee shops – everyone loves the Starbucks and Costa Christmas cup designs, for instance.

As a blogger, if a coffee shop wants to work with you, you need to look at the style of the business and whether it is a good fit for your blog. If you run an alternative, vegan-friendly blog, then you might want to find a coffee shop that uses eco-friendly cups and serves a range of vegan treats. Every brand that you work with, and their branding, must fit your blog’s style and niche.


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Are their products eye-catching?


If you are going to feature products from a brand on your blog or social media networks, or both, it is important to ensure that the products that you are featuring are as eye-catching as possible.



After all, featuring normal, run of the mill brands is not going to make your blog or your content stand out – you need to feature items that have a USP (unique selling point) that not only interests you but also your readers, and is a good fit for your blog.


It is not easy choosing what you should and shouldn’t feature on your blog, but hopefully, the tips above will help you to determine what kinds of brands would be a good fit for your site.

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