The BlogPreneur’s Guide To Preventing Blogger Burnout

BlogPreneurs And Blogger Burnout: The Struggle Is Real!

Whether you are a blogger or a blogpreneur you will come across blogger burnout sometime in your blogging career. It might be more of an issue for blogpreneurs because they can’t just walk away, it’s paying the bills! But every blogger will deal with it at some point.

Your sitting in front of the laptop and you just can’t do it. You can’t write another thing or post another tweet. What often happens is writers block, you feel uninspired. The truth is any job will do it to you and the symptoms can be a lot worse than that.

Blogging involves many hours of work: writing, editing, research, making graphics and if that was all there was to it maybe it wouldn’t be an issue but I didn’t even mention the hours of Social Media. I got the idea for this post because just last week I was exhibiting the signs of exhaustion. I was physically Ill. Granted I push myself to the very limit but it was a real wake up call.


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The problem comes in because we can’t just walk away, especially if its our bread and butter but there are ways to create balance in your workday that really work.


Your Work Schedule

You have to treat blogging like you would any other job. The reason we have work schedules is because we can’t just keep going endlessly so create specific hours to work and stick to it.


Get Organized

I am very much about productivity and a big part of that means you have to organize your workflow. One thing I did that made a big difference was choosing one day to write. For me this is Saturday but even if something comes up you can pick another day. Write ideas down for posts so you remember what your writing about.



Compartmentalize each task. I do all the moving parts separately. I do research on a separate day than I write, it can get exhausting to do the whole thing at once.


Create a Social Media Schedule

Social Media can suck up all your time, I learned this the hard way so what I did was create a reasonable schedule. It may even mean cutting down on some of the social media you were doing. Write down the what and when. With Facebook, this is so doable because most of the groups follow a thread schedule. Remember you can’t do it all! I had to seriously limit the amount of thread I was engaging with in order to give all my networks enough attention.



Break Up Your Day

If you are working from home like I do you probably aren’t taking breaks and that is a no! You need to break up your day because it’s not a nine to five gig. I take an hour for lunch and two hours after four. Staring at a screen for too many hours a day is hell on your body and your mind.


Helpful tips for blogpreneurs and bloggers at large to prevent blogger burnout


Pull The Plug And Totally Disconnect

For at least one or two days a week, you have to pull the plug and walk away. Disconnect from everything connected to blogging which includes social media. It is for this very reason I keep separate personal accounts online. We all love to be online and you should have accounts that are just for fun.

Blogger burnout is real for all of us Blogpreneurs and bloggers alike so take care of yourself!


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Shirley Corder

Good post, Heidi, and one I need to pay attention to. I try to take Saturday and Sunday away from my computer, but it’s not always possible. Have a great week! Two Common Phrases, what the mean and how they arose.


To pull the plug once a week is super important, I think. Taking a day really OFF blogging made a huge difference for me, instead of getting fed up and losing it all , it really motivates me now to get back on the blog on mondays, as I decided to have at least the sundays off , if not saturday and sumday. I like your red linky squares 😊 nice progress to see om your blogs!


This is great advice. So many are telling you how to get started but not how to keep it going. Great tips!

Sondra Barker

Great post, Heidi! You are completely right! Getting organized and having a list of content ready is key to having a clear and concise blog.

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