7 Actionable Tips in Using Twitter to Boost Your Blog

How To Get More Blog Traffic With Twitter


Lots of successful bloggers have made it big via Twitter. After all, recent statistics show that more than 328 million people actively use Twitter every month. It’s quite a lucrative pool of audiences that any blog owner would scramble to tap into.

It’s nice to imagine that much power at your fingertips, but the problem is you don’t know how or where to begin.

Worry not. We got your back.

First, of course, you gotta have a blog that you’ll want to promote. There are tons of simple, no fuss articles online on how to start blogging that you can take your pick from. Write about anything you’re passionate for. Let your personality shine through your words.

Next is getting a following.

Here are 7 tested and proven formulas to effectively promote your blog on Twitter. These are perfectly doable regardless of your level of tech-savviness.

1.  Use #Hashtags.

Recent Twitter stats say tweets that have hashtags receive double the engagement compared to those without.

Especially as a marketing strategy, hashtags increase the probability of netizens to find you. It’s a proven way to effectively increase your audiences and possible followers.

Find and focus on hashtags that both reflect your blog post and are useful for your audience. Also, you can use already trending hashtags to get more followers.

Hashtags are a pretty good way to get your tweets organized around your blog’s theme. However, try to avoid using more than 2 or three.

Experiment and try to find that particular hashtag that makes you feel like it really gets your point across.


2.  Buildup your Twitter Community.

Be engaged and active on your Twitter account. Follow other people, like friends, customers, colleagues, as well as other influencers in your field. Yes, that includes those you consider to be your competitors.

Constantly check on new followers and follow them back. You’ll also want to regularly interact with your followers, and that means replying to their tweets and messages.


3.  Revitalize your Twitter bio.  

Nowadays almost everyone has the usual generic personal info on their bio: personal info, company logo, company website link, etc. But social media, in general, is a very competitive platform. You have to be bolder in getting your name out there. So instead of your website, how about inserting the link to your most popular content or your latest blog post in the website field? Just make sure to regularly update the link so that it’s always in sync with the newest contents of your blog.


4.  Use images and videos that have visual appeal.

Everything is visual now, so it’s a good idea to have an excellent photo-editing app, software or website in your arsenal.

Input quotes from your latest posts into eye-catching backgrounds to turn them into highly shareable images. (Don’t forget to include your hashtag in it!) If Adobe Photoshop and similar programs sound too scary to use, you can start by creating a free account on Canva and create your images via the simplest of steps. You can start by choosing from available templates and adding your own text. You can also start from scratch and set the size and layout for your own images.

Also, did you know that Twitter allows you to post 140-second shareable videos? Now THAT raises a lot of possibilities. You just gotta let those creative juices flow.


5. Use @mentions, especially for people you’ve included in your blog article.

When we write articles for blogs, it’s pretty common to cite authorities on the subject we are writing about as credible sources. Now if these people are available on Twitter, it’s always a great idea to mention these people, whether they be well-known bloggers, companies or even customers, in tweets that link back to the blog post they were mentioned in. They are sure to appreciate your mention, plus there is a good chance that they’ll retweet it, gaining you possible additional audiences from their followers.


6. Retweet, and don’t be afraid to ask for retweets. 

Retweeting other posts tells your readers several things about you. First, that you’re real and human and not a bot nor a spammer. Second, that you’re not a self-absorbed person who only cares about your own thoughts and ideas. This can help you in building goodwill and stronger connections with your readers and raises up their chances of following and retweeting you.

In the same way, it’s not a shame to ask for retweets. You have to do it in such a way that you don’t sound too pushy nor too needy. Be subtle. You’ll be surprised at how many of your followers are actually willing to oblige. More importantly, make sure that your content is worth retweeting. We don’t want to be like those clickbait websites that everybody hates, do we?



7. Vamp up previous Twitter tweets and then repost.

You find yourself backtracking through your old tweets and you find something that’s in line with current trending topics, or something that has timeless value. That’s great! Now all you need to do is to spice it up a little (maybe as an image or gif like we mentioned in number 4) and Voila! It’s ready for reposting.

And then maybe you can create a poll or ask a question related to your blog content that will pique your reader’s interest and make them want to visit your blog.

Lastly and the most important thing of all, and we’ll throw this in as a bonus: show your personality in your Twitter posts. Aside from your blog articles, occasionally tweet regarding something else that you care about, whatever gets your grove.

Your personal posts just might resonate with readers who feel the same way you do, getting them interested in everything else you’ll want to have a say on.


Trends in Twitter and all of Social Media change very quickly though, and so do tips and tricks that work. Keep yourself updated with the latest ideas and tools to maintain and improve your online presence.

Keep track of your social media accounts and make sure to reply to comments and messages as soon as you can. Stay connected.

Happy writing!




Kevin Ocasio is a digital entrepreneur who runs his own blog KevinOcasio.com. A retired Marine, he devotes his time helping newbie bloggers and business owners succeed online.




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HF Tours (@HF_Tours)

Wow i never thought Twitter could be that useful. Thanks for the tips I think I should also start working on it. Thanks again


The 3rd tip – ‘Revitalize your Twitter bio’ – is really smart. I never thought of adding a post link instead of the homepage link to the bio.Yeah, that makes really sense! Thanks, Mr. Ocasio 🙂


This is great! These are great tips that I will start implementing today. Thanks for sharing!