How To Build A Blogging Network

blogging network

Why You Need A Blogging Network

Thousands of blogs get published every day and every one of them are your competition. I saw this online and it really stuck with me. We tend to think that only those in similar niches are our competition but that just isn’t so. The Internet is a vast landscape of voices dying to be heard and so when I see people wondering why they aren’t getting traffic I think to myself because you and millions of others want the same thing, the truth is we all can be successful bloggers, but not by just doing the bare minimum, In addition to everything else building a blogging network is essential.


It’s not enough to create brilliant content and share it online because everyone is also, so you must also be the best networker you can be and build a blogging network. I’ll be honest I didn’t realize at first that it was important or that I was good at it. I was just being myself. Connecting with others to me is just as valuable as the writing is. It’s very simple actually, the Internet is made up of people, not machines as such you have to approach the business of blogging as such. So I thought I’d share how I and some remarkable others are getting it done.

blogging network


You can’t just stay in your lane when building a blogging network. I see many suggesting that only connecting with others who write about similar topics is the way to blogging success. I’m not knocking them at all, I believe you are wise to connect within your niche because you share similar challenges but this isn’t high school. The truth of the matter is you should connect with as many people as you can.


Every single blogger can help you in some way. I don’t stay in my lane, as a matter of fact, I have connections and contacts in every niche you could possibly imagine because I have seen evidence that it works. Primarily I would be considered a Lifestyle Blogger, though I also have niche blogs for Health and Money, here’s your news flash, I have had Marketing and even Parent Bloggers link to me, so my brand is visible across niches which allow me to reach a ginormous audience. Are you wondering how? Grab your coffee because I’m about to feed you the juicy bits.


Work In Service To Others

You have to give more than you receive. Not only that but you have to give without expectation of a return. I do a lot for other bloggers whenever I can and though part of that is my helping disease, I also realize the whole give and you shall receive mentality is real folks.

If you help others they will want to help you, it’s really that simple and help can come in many forms. Maybe you share their work or link to them. A really simple thing to do is to let the writer know that you connected with their work and always let them know when you linked to them, it is a huge compliment.

Answer questions and not with your posts, at least not alone, actually answer them. I see many bloggers just post their blog posts under a question with no reply and it screams, look at me, it really does.

Make Them Your Friend

I have done this a lot, I will just message someone or just start talking to them. You have to be personal and I’ll tell you why. On TV the would-be murder victim will share personal details, do you wonder why? Because you get positive results if the other person feels a connection to you. You are more likely to help someone you feel personally invested in. Many times they might end up being a great friend too. A few of my blogging friendships have started that way.


How To Build A Blogging Network

The WordPress Community

The WordPress Dot-comers have networking down to a science, their traffic many times comes from followers and so I asked a few how is it that you make that happen? Gary from Skipah’s Realm who has over 3,0000 followers on his blog told me you have to follow and interact a lot and usually, they will follow back. That is a reliable traffic source as we all know which carries on much further than Social Media.

Open Thought Vortex led by Shareen Mansfield is an example of an entire network in one site where multiple authors contribute their work and opposed to single blog platforms engaging on sites like hers give you the benefit of thousands of followers. Shareen is probably one of the most brilliant networkers I have seen in our blogging world, here are a few things she has to say about networking.


They key to networking is sincerity. This means you should interact and be able to find what your commonalities are. Look for positive interactions. You will find that your integrity is tied directory your ability to connect. Positive feedback means positive reinforcement.Shareen Says



Start A Facebook Group

If you want to attract larger numbers of people to you there is no better way than starting a group. Usually not only can you connect to groups of people at the same time it is a good way to build authority within the blogging world in general. I have a small group of people who come in every day and actively engage with not only each others content but socially as well. These peeps are a large part of your blogging network.




Link Parties are also a great way to interact with groups of bloggers and usually, you will find a pretty diverse bunch from all different niches. Twitter is usually where you will find them hanging out. It is also great for more eyes on your content with very little effort.



In closing, remember as a member of the blogging world you are selling yourself and therefore your blogging network is yet another block to building success and every person out there is a potential reader or contact. Blog on





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As a newbie blogger, I find this article really useful because the struggle really (I think) is how to get your message across when no one knows about your blog yet. This article opened new windows for me to try and peek through for my blogging experience. Thanks!


These are some great suggestions, are there any particular Facebook groups that you recommend joining? I find Triberr quite helpful for interacting with other bloggers and sharing their posts.

Amber Myers

I so agree with this. Networks are so helpful. I couldn’t do this blog thing without them.


I just started blogging and these are all great tips to have. I do focus on my FB group to assistance


Great tips and I love things that are actionable by every blogger. Good job!

Aireona- Nightborn Travel

Thank you so much for this! I am learning about blogging essentials and I definitely think that a network is essential.

Chava Mazal

I’ve never participated in a link party. It sounds fun, but a bit of a chore. Does it give a valuable boost to SEO ranking at all, in real experience?

Dori Owen

“You can’t just stay in your own lane” really sums it up…great piece with such helpful ideas!


Thanks for the great tips. I’m a new blogger, and I struggle with the social media aspect of blogging. I love writing, that’s not an issue, I love graphic design, and the techy type stuff I can handle – but networking and social media aren’t my strong point. Reading your post gave me some encouragement as I continue plugging away at networking and social media – thanks for this!


Thanks Heidi for sharing, as a newbie I am trying to collect suggestions and for sure will give a try to the ‘link party’. Thanks!


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Super helpfull. Thank you for sharing. I have just started recently. And i didnt have a clue… but now i feel you have placed me on good stead.