Different Ways To Boost Blog Traffic With Facebook


Winning Ways To Get More Blog Traffic With Facebook

Facebook is great for blogs! It totally is and anyone who tells you different may be lying to you. Facebook is my jam for real and the answer is obvious because it’s huge. There are over 2 billion users. Does that mean 2 billion page views? No, it doesn’t. Now right away you have to realize that I am not going to share some unknown secret or a way to hack the system. What I will do is tell you how Facebook has helped supply traffic to all four of my blogs and the method to my madness.

There are a few different ways and we will explore them but first let’s take a look at my humble beginnings. I had no clue how to get traffic. So while I was building followers on different networks I stumbled onto a post on Twitter about Facebook Groups. I actually had no idea about it or that it was such a big thing for blogging but it totally is.

For a large part of the first year, all of my traffic for my first blog was coming from Facebook Groups. I don’t like to brag but it was a good number too.  So in this post, we will take a look at the different ways to gain traffic:


Facebook Groups:

Ok, this is going to take more than a minute. When I started I joined ALOT of blogging groups and a lot of people do. These days my list has dwindled down to around thirty. Facebook especially groups can be a huge time suck and you really can’t just focus on one network.

There are a few different kinds of groups you should be looking at because they each serve a different purpose.

  • Dump Groups

Dump groups are those in which you can just dump links

  • Mastermind Groups

These are groups that are focused on helping bloggers and collaborating. These groups are great if you have questions and answering questions that others have is a great way to build authority.

  • Thread Groups

Thread groups are focused on engagement. This means mandatory conversation threads where you will get shares and comments.

  • Niche And Topic Groups

There are many groups for specific topics that will let you share posts and even have an organic following


Different ways to increase blog traffic with Facebook


Here Is A Small List Of Blogging Groups I Like







That is but a taste of the hundreds of groups available!


All of these groups are important but you absolutely must plan it out if you want to have a life. This means have a schedule. Basically, you can write down threads you want to join and participate in because group owners tend to also go by a schedule. Dump groups and Mastermind groups are an anytime thing.


  • Dumping Links

I have to put my two cents in about dumping links. I do it I’m not going to lie but it will not get you sizable traffic alone. These groups aren’t moderated and tend to be a sea of endless posts, that being said I do this usually when I’ve just published a post and no more than once a day. Some groups only let you share a new link once a week but once again there will be hundreds.


I don’t participate in thread groups that aren’t monitored period. Why waste your time sharings tons of posts not knowing if it’s actually being reciprocated. This does tend to be a problem in the larger groups which is why I personally stick to groups with less than 5 thousand members.


  • Start Your Own Facebook Group

I have a group and I can tell you that it does help. People tend to see you as someone with authority in blogging. Now since I run a group I can tell you it isn’t easy and at times it can be downright frustrating. You are a boss and a babysitter at times.

It can be time-consuming. My group is a thread group based on engagement. It is very ruled intensive because I believe everyone’s time is valuable I check every thread personally. I have also found a huge benefit in creating a social environment where the members can talk about personal things. That is necessary if you are looking to connect and build a network.



  • Facebook Pages

If you have a blog you must have a business or fan page. In addition to Facebook engagement, it is the only way you can use Facebook ads. Many don’t see the value of Facebook pages but there is a method to the madness. One, you have to follow the 70/30 rule. That means sharing 70 percent of other content and only 30 yours.

It is suggested that you post to your page three to five times a day. The content you share to your page should be relevant to your topics. You must also be personal and engaging in your text when sharing them to your page. You want people to engage and share your content. Don’t forget to add a call to action!



  • Create A Separate Account

Gone are the days when your posts would appear in the newsfeed, just like Pinterest, Facebook is looking to make their cash. This makes organic traffic in Facebook impossible. Another way you can achieve this is creating an account just like your personal account.

I did this and nearly all of the friends are an organic audience, not bloggers. I even opened it up so that others can post to it. It is also a valuable resource to hold your blogging contacts. I don’t mix my personal page with blogging because I believe you should have a corner on social media that is just for fun.



  • Facebook Ads

I don’t actually recommend using Facebook Ads for gaining traffic and basically because it costs money. However, if you are selling products on your blog it’s an absolute yes! Facebook ads allow you to run and pause ads according to peak times and target who sees the ads.

So yes, Facebook will definitely boost your blog traffic and you should participate in a few different ways. How have you used Facebook for your blog, let’s talk about it.

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Thanks Heidi for sharing this useful information about boosting traffic though facebook. I used facebook groups to grow my blog traffic. I am working with thread groups and mastermind groups they the best way of collaboration with other fellow bloggers and you can learn a lot of things from other expert bloggers. I strongly recommend join these groups to get better results.


I heard through the grapevine that group Crazy4Blogging is pretty strong…..going to have to check that one out.


Fantastic article! I’ll definitely be implementing some of these tips!

John Mulindi

This very helpful to bloggers. Most of my traffic come from Facebook Groups. If well used you can benefit a lot from them.

Trisha R (@Rosewood_Grace)

This is such great information! I have seen tremendous growth from the various facebook groups I’m in, but I’m finding it might be time to reduce the number I’m in and focus more on making sure I’m in the right ones.

Traci York

Excellent suggestions! So excellent in fact that I’ve pinned, flipped, and stumbled this post. Thanks for the tips!