How I Raised My Domain Authority To Make Money Blogging

domain authority

What You Need To Know About Sponsored Posts & Domain Authority

I don’t make any secret of the fact that I make money blogging. I make money several ways because I HUSTLE. The truth is, here I was,40 something, living in a new state with limited options. Getting a job at my age was challenging and that is when I decided to try the online route.

This is NOT an income report but I will say I do make a full-time income as I was determined and still am to do whatever it takes to work from home. This was when I discovered Sponsored Posts. Sponsored work is;

  • Reviews
  • Content Placement
  • Social Media Posts
  • Guest Blogging

You may have received emails from agencies and even freelance writers looking to supply you with content. First of all let me just say this, taking a guest post from a fellow blogger is one thing but placing any content or link on your site from a Media Company or a Freelance Blogger for free is literally saying your worth as a business is “0”.

So how do you attract Advertisers?

That is everybody’s question: How do I attract brands? I had this question myself. The truth is the average blogger is not going to attract big brands unless your social stats are through the roof. I realized social media opps weren’t going to be my bread and butter.

domain authority

So what do you do?

Attract the SEO agencies and blogger outreaches that are promoting the brands. These companies pay bloggers to publish their content and links for maximum exposure for their clients and they aren’t looking at your social stats at all. They aren’t checking your traffic, they are checking one thing. Your Domain Authority.

Domain Authority is a measure of the age and popularity of your site which makes it important for not only making money but also search engines, as it can affect ranking and how you are indexed. I have seen really high traffic sites have low Domain Authority.


Are you asking yourself what to do?

How Do You raise your number?

There is a combination of things you need to do that worked for me.


Always keep in mind that Google dominates 95 percent of the internet and they LOVE content. I knew this before I started and so filling my blog with content was the first thing I did. Another factor is the length of your posts. Posts that are less than 300 words are a big no-no. So not only do I have lots of content but my posts are at least 600-1000 words. Quality content and lots of it is one factor to raising your Domain Authority.


Let’s Talk About Linking

I have worked with a particular SEO agency for a few years and my intense need to know things always drives me, so, I studied how they worked and what I found was the link structure that not only raised my numbers but also attracted other companies and advertisers.

First of all, you want to stay away from excessive linking, Google tends to look at too many links in content as spam. I restrict my own link structure to four or five and here’s how it goes:

2 Internal Links

2 Authority Sites

1 Relevant Site To Your Blog


You always want to add Internal Links to every post, this is other posts within your site. It is effective to keep people on your page longer.

Linking to Authority Sites and especially sites in your niche that you’d like relationships with is just smart and a compliment to their content, which can result in them linking to you or considering you for future opportunities.

Link to another site similar to yours with either a higher Domain Authority or even to yours. While linking to sites with lower numbers won’t necessarily hurt you, it won’t help you either.




What Should You Charge

If you’re a top blogger like Darren Rowse (my blog crush) then sure you can charge thousands for a guest post but let’s get real! I have seen many bloggers claim to be making hundreds for placing content on their site and eh It really has nothing to do with how great a writer you are or how much traffic you get.

Like I said earlier, your payout will depend on your domain authority, the higher it is, the more you will make. There is no established market standard but if your number is lower than 20, I wouldn’t count on even making 20.

A domain authority higher than 30, however, has a good shot at anywhere from 40-100 a post. This all varies from company to company and this is why it is important to know your numbers before even negotiating a fee. Trust me, they already know your numbers and how much they want to pay.


In closing, if you want to attract advertisers be sure to do all you can to raise your Domain Authority.






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LeAnne Carey

HOW do you check your domain authority?

Avril Broadley

Thank you. Very, very informative. It’s taken me a while but I now realise how important DA is – luckily I have put a lot of effort into good content so now I need to make it work for me.

Stephanie | Blogging Butterfly

Awesome post! I knew linking was important but I never thought of using a structure for each post. I’m going to give this a try thanks!


Hello Heidi
This post is so well written,so full of info.Although I do have high quality content (in my opinion) reading your post, apart from the content, everything else I do is wrong.I do not link enough, I do not socialize enough, and my page authority is so poor.
Will follow your tips and see if I can change things.
Thanks so much for sharing, I really appreciate.

The Real Couponer (@TheRealCouponer)

That’s one of the things I’m working on – increasing the number of words on my posts 🙂