Fab Five Friday: 5 Questions Every Blogger Gets Asked


5 Blogger Questions Frequently Asked

Yes, there will be a series!! Welcome to Fab FIve Friday! Why? Because all the best words start with F. Did you think there weren’t gonna be any posts about blogging? Not a chance, after all, I am a blogger. I eat, sleep, dream blogging. Ok Maybe not dream but you get the point.

Every Friday I will be posting the top five of things, all things rattling around in my brain. Since no one has ever asked me to do an interview I thought what the hell, I’ll interview myself. As bloggers, we get asked a lot of questions and so I scratched my head and trolled a few of my favorite Facebook Groups and narrowed it down to 5 common questions about blogging. So you’re welcome.

#1 Why Did You Start Blogging

I had just moved to Atlanta and was living in this podunk town about an hour from the city. I was bored and unemployed. Now you have to realize that for a woman over forty, getting a job isn’t always easy and add to that that I don’t drive and you really kinda need to in this area. Well, so how was I going to spend my time?

I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to really take a leap and do something different so I started taking online courses, LOTS of them. I took a course by Chris Farrel who is pretty big in Internet Marketing. His course was really about email marketing so I knew I had to find my place in the sun. A way to create an online presence. That’s where blogging came into the picture. The rest is history.


#2 How Did You Start Blogging

I am going, to be honest with you, I needed to find a way to make money and I wanted that way to be working from home. I read plenty of articles on how millions of people were making money online. I didn’t start the way many bloggers do. I realized immediately I needed some kind of plan.

I read every article about blogging I could find and go about systematically building a presence online. I built my social media channels and designed and filled my blog with content before sharing a single post. I strongly believe this is where people go wrong. You need a plan!


#3 What Motivates You

Here is where I keep it 100 with you all. MAKING MONEY DOING SOMETHING I LOVE! Where you expecting the hokey answers everyone gives like helping others? Don’t get me wrong I do help others and I enjoy it as I am an obsessive helper but I love blogging and everything that goes with it and I couldn’t do it if I had to go out and get a job.


#4 How Long Does It Take To Make Money Blogging?

It is different for everyone but I have noticed that too many people think you publish a blog and bam your gonna be rich. It takes time and a lot of work, I started making money about 4 months after I started and that was lucky. It could take a whole lot longer than that.

Blogging is a hustle and you have to be willing to put in long hours in the beginning and definitely do anything that makes money. Problogger said it best in that you shouldn’t just have one stream of income.


What Advice Would You Give A Newbie Blogger?

Grab your coffee because this is gonna be a minute. This advice might make a few a little pissy but it has to be said

Get The Right Information

Maybe after you’ve read the million and one blog posts on how to start a blog written by every blogger with a blog you’ll get my point. Get your information from valuable sources and do your research! It’s ok to ask questions in groups that have easy answers but look for it yourself!

Get information from bloggers and websites that have experience and proven success. Would you go to a surgeon who has never performed surgery? No, of course, you wouldn’t. There are lots of sites that offer great, free information. My faves are Blog TyrantProblogger, and Co Schedule

Stop Wasting Money

Wanna make 50k in your first 30 days of blogging? We all do but IT ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN. There are a lot of courses out there to teach you how to blog for a price. The truth is there isn’t one magic pill to blogging. You have to find your own way and FYI there are so many free courses out there and free information it amazes me that people pay for it and there is no guarantee it will work.


5 questions every blogger gets asked

Be Patient

Building a readership takes time, getting traffic takes time. Lifehacker wrote that it takes 2 years to build a popular blog and I believe that’s true. You also have to realize that blogging is 80 percent marketing your work. If you only do it part time you will get part time results.

Be Fully Engaged

This is really a pet peeve for me. A blogger who just go around dumping their posts and don’t understand why they don’t get results. You have to engage with people every day. Anything you do online is about connecting with people. You have to help others in order to get them to help you.

Some Call It Stalking

A really good piece of advice Brian Manon wrote was to find marketers and a  blogger who knew more than you and follow them, he probably said connect but I heard stalk. Which was exactly what I did, don’t get creeped out but I saw that he was making real money and had years of experience online so yeah I stalked. I totally credit the fact that I’m making money with AdSense to him.

Find Your People

While this world can be super cliquey in my opinion, you should still find other bloggers to be your “tribe” I call mine Team Cray Cray! No, we don’t have a secret handshake and really they never agreed to tribe up with me. There are a few people though, who I chat with regularly that I can go to for help and bounce ideas around. You need that for sure.

So what are your top five blogger questions?

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I want to be in your cray cray group ; )
I’m trying to get my blog up and running to make money and eventually make this a full-time gig down the road.. I’ve still got a lot to learn and DO though! Help! Oh, and thank you for this post : )


What a important peace of article for me! Thanks a lot, I was going to take those courses and helps t earn money. Please continue to help us.

Carol A Cassara

You are so right. Blogging is a hustle & a lot more work than it looks like it is. So right about that.

Laurie Stone

Other bloggers always give me the most inspiration — to keep going and ideas for essays. I have such admiration for anyone fighting the good fight. Great post.


I stalk the crap out of you! 😉

Thanks for being my words of wisdom and a good laugh each week <3

Meiah | My Crazy Hectic Life

I’ve definitely been asked all of these questions! My favorite is when others ask “How do I start a blog?”


[…] may be cliche and you may have read it in other blogging 101 posts, but it is so true. After starting my blog, I started getting into reading other blogs, beauty […]


This truly is helpful as I get the same type of questions all the time even though I’m quite nee to the blogging world. Thank you for your post it is very informative and enjoyable.

Cindy's Travel Diaries

It’s true, patience is key 🙂

Simone Cardillo

Loved it!
Great advices that i’ll follow, patience, hard working and everyday engagement.
Thank you.