Fab Five Friday: 5 Reasons To Love Summer


5 Things I Love About Summer! How About You?


Do you love Summer as much as I do? I hear the wheels turning..ahem it isn’t summer yet, it’s only April! Well if you’re saying that you don’t live in the south because here in Hotlanta it is already 80 degrees. Don’t hate me cause I have my shorts on already! So I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share my summer faves on Fab Friday Five!


#1 Longer Days

Now I know technically the days are still 24 hours but the days can seem a lot shorter when daylight ends at five. I don’t know about you but I constantly wish there could be a few more hours. I love how the daylight lasts until after eight in the summer. Makes me feel more energetic and relaxed!


#2 People Are Happier

Even if you’re not a fan of the hot weather which I just can’t understand but it could happen, you have to admit people are just happier. I know I am. It makes me want to get out of bed and greet the day. It makes sense right, most things that are warm soothe us. Hot tea, Hot Coffee, Hot Food. Did I say coffee? I drink it hot even in the summer.



#3 The Beach

If you know me at all you have to know the beach is my one true love! Ok don’t tell the hubs I said that but it’s true. I was so mad when my mom made me move from Philly to NJ when I was 17, that is until I discovered the beach! I love everything about it. The smell, the sand, the ocean waves, the sounds just lull me into a peaceful trance I get nowhere else.

That was the one sad thing for me about moving to Atlanta, sure there are beaches but not within a reasonable distance. Every place I’ve lived has had a beach. Even Connecticut has a beach and back then I only worked til lunchtime and hit the beach every afternoon.


Since I’ve never been abroad or out of the states I have to say the best beach I’ve been to is Rockaway Beach in Queens, NY.  Maybe you didn’t know NY had great beaches but they totally do.

#4 fewer Clothes

Now I’m not talking about running around naked, don’t want to scare the neighbors but I love wearing fewer clothes and I detest sweaters. I am definitely a sundress and flip flops kind of girl! Everything is better about summer clothes. The fabrics are light and for me personally, I just feel like I can breathe.

Sweaters are claustrophobic and itchy! Flip flops have been a long time love of mine from living at the seashore. I love the sound they make and believe me, I flop hard! I am also quite obsessed with sunglasses! I blame this on my daughter because every time we would go shopping she would buy another pair, so I would too and the rest is history. I now have around 15 pairs.


5 things to love about summer

I love the way they make you feel so Hollywood and ladies nothing covers up better on those “I don’t feel like wearing makeup days”. Not to be confused with I didn’t get enough sleep or I drank too much the night before days. But shades cover a multitude of sins and make every outfit look amazing.



Let’s Get Ice-Cream Wasted!!

#5 Summer Eats

Are you thinking we would never get to number 5? I saved the best for last. Food, Food, Food! By food, I mean Ice Cream. I have two favorite things Coffee and Ice Cream. I remember when I had to switch to a gluten free diet and found out I could have ice cream, let’s just say that diet is so limited I became obsessed.

Ice cream is awesome but not the only summer food to get excited about. There’s corn on the cob, summer tomatoes which are definitely a jersey thing as they have the best, don’t even play. Grilling everything is the best and so damn healthy in case you didn’t know. Don’t forget all the fruits that are available more in the summer, yes I live in Georgia so do you think I’m not all about the peaches? They are insane.

So these are my top five for summer! What are your favorite things about summer?

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As much as I look forward to Summer (because the children can burn off all their energy outdoors), I can’t deal with the heat! I don’t do well with being hot!

Candace Alstad Davies

I really enjoyed this post, the graphic really align with the content… and has got me in the mood for the summer. Thanks

Kimberly c.

These are all great points. Might I also add that summer is great because I have fewer bad hair days. The rain always messes up my hair. Yes summer I’m ready for you😁


I am so with you on the Summer Eats part of summer!! Burgers and hot dogs always seem to taste so much better during the summer months!! Of course Slurpees are always a welcome treat as well!