Fab Five Friday: 5 Types Of Toxic People You Don’t Need In Your Life

The 5  Toxic People You Really Don’t Need


Are there toxic people in your life bringing you down? Do you even know it’s happening? Sometimes we don’t know certain types of people are really messing up our headspace. Then there are those times we know they are and feel powerless to do anything about it. Maybe it’s a husband or family member. I have been there, oh have I been there.

Anyone who has been through the drama of a divorce will surely feel what I’m saying. But I am not actually talking about a divorce so much as those everyday people we interact with on a regular basis that just negatively affects our existence.


When I got divorced I felt like the biggest weight was lifted from my chest because shoulders aren’t strong enough an analogy. For years I couldn’t breathe and it took forever it seemed to figure it out and take action. In real words though, the day it was final I knew that I had to make big changes because he wasn’t the only problem.


5 types of toxic people you don't need in your life

I  was the problem! Everything I let invades my bubble. I wanted to be different more authentic, I wanted life to be different. I systematically removed everything that brought negativity to my life and it was the biggest exhale I’ve ever experienced. Identifying these people, however, is not as easy as you might think so I am here to help:

Take Take Take

These are the toxic people who just need and need. They are all too happy for you to just do for them, over and over. You know this type, they make themselves appear helpless and for a while, you believe it because you want to help. Beware it will never end. Maybe it’s the one you give and give to, then when you need something they are a ghost.

Who needs it?


The Nit Picker

Come on you know you know the nit picker! People who pick you apart bit by bit. What will happen is ultimately you will start to believe the dish of bullshit actually tastes good. They are actually the ones with the problems and insecurities who make others feel bad to make themselves feel good.

Who needs it?

toxic people

Judge And Jury

You know what they say about glass houses? Some know and still don’t get it.  I remember a family member once telling me that they didn’t have much to do with me because they didn’t agree with my life choices. Life an idiot I proceeded to explain the choices I’ve made. Don’t do it!! No one has the right to judge you.

Who needs it?


Negative Nancy

We all have a few of these.  Toxic people who aren’t balanced at all just everything negative. What I detest more than anything is complainers and whiners. They hate everyone and everything. At the given time in my life, I decided to live a positive life, filled with truth. I wanted to see the good, enjoy the little moments and talking to people like this would actually feel stressful

Who needs it?

5 people you don't need

That Hoop Is too Big For Me To Jump Through

Finally, if someone cares for you shouldn’t make you jump through hoops to gain their affection or respect. Constantly having to prove yourself to anyone will just kill your spirit. Someone who wants to change you in that way really doesn’t want you, they want a robot.

Who needs it?

So if you’re looking for a peaceful life of positivity sometimes there are certain types of toxic people that just have to go!



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Mary Burris

Well said. As soon as you rid these people from your life, you do feel better. It even works when you clean up your facebook or other social media, removing those who are toxic.


Toxic people are so dangerous, they can weave such a terrible web and it can be so hard to not get trapped! I’m so happy you have found some peace and are able to have that awful weight lifted. Cheers to you Heidi!

Shirley Corder

So true, Heidi. Yet so often we keep company with them so as not to hurt them – all the time ignoring the fact that they’re hurting US. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Anmaria Djong

I used to feel guilty for getting rid of people that is so toxic for me because I thot I hurt them..but it’s good for my well being and my life can move on easily. I am so happy to read this.


True.. we really should avoide toxic people..good post…

Anna nuttall

Hedi – good post. I just thought of one more. The one who whinge and whines on Facebook and has that attention seeking status that is just begging for attention.
A girl I used to be friend with used to do that and it droves me mad. She would write ‘Oh no I’m so ill….i’m dyingg” – it just begging for someone to write ‘ you ok hun?’.



I am definitely one to recognize these types of people and steer clear of them! I don’t need any of that bringing my energy down!