Life Lessons: How To Turn Failure Into Success


Brilliant Lessons Learned From Failure


Is failure defining your life? I know you’re feeling overdue for a life lesson, right? I knew you were so I thought why not share my greatest lesson learned. Failure, do you hate that word as much as I do? I can just hear the word and feel consumed with negativity. Personally, I have failed many times but upon reflection realized that it literally skyrocketed any success I have enjoyed. So let’s explore my experience and the amazing ways it allowed me to make amazing strides in my life.


When I say I have failed many times I don’t exaggerate but there was one time in my life, my lowest time that I learned the most from and was directly responsible for the person I reinvented. I firmly believe that if all of it didn’t happen I may not be who I am today.


Divorce, yes that dirty word. I escaped an abusive marriage and thought I AM FREE. It took two years to get free and I was floating and yes that was the problem. I had literally never been on my own, never managed my own money nor was I able to do the things for myself most people don’t give a second thought to.

I had never really made a single decision for myself and I was unprepared for the realities of real life. I could tell you all of the mistakes and missteps I made (which were many) instead here was the end result.


I was broke and lost everything. I went from a reasonable settlement, a car, an apartment to absolutely nothing. Life happened and I was unprepared for it. After a bad accident and a lengthy recovery, I lost my job, my apartment, my car and could barely afford to feed myself. I then did what many I am sure often do, I fell into a depression and my bed. I would stay there for days sometimes, just feeling sorry for myself and then one day it changed.

I am not at all lying, one day, one action led to rebuilding and remaking who I was. What was that one thing? I got up! Yes, now you have to realize I did not suffer from clinical depression so I am in no way suggesting that curing depression is that simple. I went out and stayed out the entire day. I did not fix everything in that one day but the days to follow would change my life and maybe you can relate:

We Rise

When I truly took the time to reflect on my life up til then I realized how much I had already overcome and it was a lightbulb moment for me. Denzel Washington once said in a commencement speech ” For every 7 times you fall down and you will, you get up 8″. That is completely the truth. The most important thing is to keep getting up! Even to this day, I do this, without a second thought because shit is going to keep happening.


Failures are our greatest teachers. You honestly can’t learn how to do something right if you’ve never done something wrong. Hitting rock bottom financially not only gave me a healthy respect for money, it also filled me with empathy and compassion for what struggle and failure were all about. I have lived both spectrums, I have had money and I have been poor. Being poor taught me to appreciate every single thing I have and also to reach out to others who don’t.




Decide To Be Happy

What also happened to me that day is this, I realized what happiness was really about. You literally have to decide to be happy, happiness is a choice it isn’t a person or a thing, those are fleeting. Don’t get me wrong the perfect pair of boots can fill me with joy but I learned to choose joy instead of dwelling on the negativity of failure and the world opened up for me. Every little thing in life can contain joy and I find the happy in everything. I know you might be saying OH PULEEZ.. true story!


Take a positive action no matter how small it seems. Taking one action leads to another and another. The action of simply getting out of bed ultimately led to so many actions I couldn’t even begin to list them, enter the here and now, having my own business and being more confident than I have ever been in my life.




Make A Plan

I am an obsessive planner but it wasn’t always that way and I firmly believe you need plans and more plans to offset failure. Plans and goals give you a framework of things to work for to get what you truly want from life. I believe in short term plans and long range plans as well. I also like to keep a list of things I don’t want, a do not list to stay on track.


In closing remember that there are no failures, only lessons and stepping stones on the path to who you were meant to become. What happens to you only defines you if you let it.



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Nicole @ The Professional Mom Project

Excellent tips! It’s so difficult to stay positive in the face of failure sometimes.