Life Lessons: Fun Ways To Get Engaged This Valentine’s Day

Helpful Ideas To Getting Engaged This Valentine’s Day


Many people reading this blog will associate the term engagement with online conversion and a key metric within social media marketing, however, at some point in one’s life the word has a very different connotation and can create a much more significant emotional reaction than that of engaging a few more followers or likes; hopefully a positive feeling of excitement and enchantment… and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner… perhaps some of you will be reading this with your fingers crossed this will be the year your partner decides to pop the question – and, on the other side of that equation, you might be feeling anxious about how to pop the question this Valentine’s Day yourself.



Now, if you are thinking of utilizing the opportunity of Valentine’s Day to propose, there can feel an element of joining the cliched bandwagon, which is why you’ll need to differentiate yourself and bring a more inventive twist to your proposal – something personal and tailored to the special person in your life.


This article will look at a number of quirky ways to pop the question this Valentine’s Day, for men and women of all sexual orientations, as in today’s world a proposal isn’t something limited to a man asking a woman.


Valentine's Day


The one piece of traditional equipment you will need, however, is that of an engagement ring.  It might be worth checking out in order to get some ring inspiration, as there can be immense pressure on selecting the right ring particularly with the peer pressure applied by marketing companies to encourage people to spend anything between two and three months of their salary on the ring itself.

Pamper Evening

Organising a delightful evening of pampering is a pretty simple process, for inspiration, check out  In essence, you’ll probably want to run a bath, light some candles, put your phone on silent, play some relaxing music, and have a nice bath together – where you nurture your partner by washing their hair and gently pouring jugs of warm water down their back.  You can then conclude the evening with a sensual massage, but save the left hand for last, as at this point whilst massaging their hand you can slip the ring on her finger and pop the question in this wonderfully intimate, private and understated way.

Go To The Cinema

If your partner loves films or there’s something meaningful about a particular cinema, as an example, you went there on your first date, you can purchase a one-off advert at the start of the show for not all that much money; and perhaps create a thirty second video featuring the two of you – with the question either appearing on screen, or it could simply be whispered in their ear.

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In summary, this is clearly not an exhaustive list, but hopefully, it highlights the need to be personal and intimate, as proposing isn’t about buying a fancy ring and asking the question in an expensive restaurant – it should be sacred and magical.  

In being a little more inventive and doing something tailored to your partner’s specific interests, it will create a much greater depth of connection and significance to the event.Theres no better day than Valentine’s Day to express your love

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