If You Don’t Like Laughing You Better Not Read this

Welcome To My Mad World

So I got your attention? Good and a hearty welcome to the somewhat twisted world I like to call my thoughts. This is a brand new blog but not my first. If you don’t know me I am the mad scientist behind the words. I also have three other blogs, yeah nutty right? Yes and no. I love blogging! I wanted a blog that wasn’t so targeted where I could just say whatever is on my mind and trust me that’s a whole lotta crazysauce indeed.



I started blogging a little over a year ago and was hooked right at the start. It is an amazing world of really great people just trying to find our little slice of the Internet and we are doing our thang for sure. The three other masterpieces are Womanpulse which is a Women’s Lifestyle Blog which has a little everything for women with an emphasis on relationships. Number too is Live Goodly which feeds my obsession with health and wellness. Finally, number three is Pennies And Paydays which is all about saving and making money. If you’re into the Frugal Life you will wanna check that out.

Who Is Heidi?

Wow do we have enough time? Ok here’s the short version. I am a mid-lifer, geez the word makes me cringe. I am creeping up on fifty while keeping a death grip on forty nine. I am sarcastic and it’s best you deal with that now. On my second marriage, have 3 grown kids and a few grandkids. I have had every job you could imagine and move around like I stole something.

I grew up in the north and my heart will always belong there but now I am living in Atlanta, I know “Bless My Heart”.

I love moving and meeting new people and new places and maybe that’s because I lived in the same place for almost 20 year yes I am a Jersey Girl. I am a Introvert through and through so blogging was the perfect career for me for sure.


Things I’m Obsessed With

Coffee!!! I can’t get enough and I’m sure at one point my stomach will explode. I also obsess over organization which is a new thing for me and the usual girly culprits like Makeup and dyeing my hair regularly and by regularly I mean sometimes people wouldn’t recognize me from one day to the next.

Human Behavior is also a gift for me, I read people and honestly I’m hardly ever wrong. I am totally obsessed with honesty. I don’t lie. Some will say “yeah sure” but it’s true I have seen too much pain that lies cause and who needs it?


What You Will Find Here

This is a purely personal blog where I will talk about personal things. Things I’m interested in and what I’m thinking. There will be sarcasm and laughter. Sorry but there will be the occasional rant as well. I am always thinking and sometimes you just need to get it out. So I hope you will come back and have fun with me, share your thoughts, laugh a little.

If laughing isn’t your priority what’s the point?




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I love it Heidi!!! I look forward to reading your next post!

Tania Potter - Soul Sense Coaching

You go girl! You are a blogging machine, Heidi. I don’t know where you get your energy from but please send some my way. Looking forward to getting to know you more!