Important Lessons I learned About Making Money Blogging

making money blogging

Making Money Blogging: What You Need To Know


Everywhere online you are going to find bloggers writing about monetization and making money with their blog. They might list an income report and be specific about how exactly they did it and that’sĀ great. I make money blogging and I’m not going to list how much I make or how exactly I make money and you know why?


Because there is no magic formula or one specific technique that is guaranteed to work for everyone. That is the truth. There are many ways to make money and yes anyone can do it. Instead, I am going to tell you important lessons I learned that skyrocketed my efforts.


Be About The Hustle

Working online means you aren’t going to find one thing that makes you money. Instead, you have to find several or many ways to make money until you find the sweet spot. It is smart business and well- known that in order to make a business thrive you need multiple streams of income. The truth is, I never turn down a job no matter how big or how small.


Maximize Your Opportunities

When you find a way to make money look for ways to make it bigger. Sponsored work has been good to me and it started with one blog, so I built three more and tripled my money. Maximizing your opportunities also means knowing as much as you can about it. See beyond the money and become an authority. Knowledge is power.

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Put The Time In

There is this misconception that working online is easy, it isn’t. Let’s face it the Internet doesn’t sleep and unless your pulling in the big numbers you are going to work hard, long hours. Aside from the actual making money, you have to always be on top where your blog is concerned. There will really never be a time where blog traffic and marketing won’t be an issue.


The Entrepreneurial Mindset

You would be amazed at how the right mindset can improve your odds of success. The moment I started thinking of myself as an entrepreneur, instead of just a blogger everything changed. Every blog has the unique ability to be a startup and it all starts with how you think. Thinking as a business with success in mind leads to business motivated action. Action is the true key to success.


Network, Network, Network

Here is a secret: all of my opportunities were learned and realized through my networking efforts. Networking in the blog world is surprisingly easy. Talk to people. Is it really that simple? Yes, it absolutely is. Anyone who knows me in the blogging world knows I am not shy and I talk a lot.


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The truth is I never held to the blog tribe mentality. I have made connections in almost every niche because I realized early on the value. Several opportunities have come up bearing fruit just from conversations. Every solid connection you make also opens you up to their network and that can result in big impact.


Lastly, be patient! It takes time. So many believe making money with their blog it is as simple as publishing and it is far from that simple trust me.

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