How To Improve Your Blog Writing Skills For More Success

blog writing Winning Ways To Improve Your Blog Writing Skills


Venturing into the blogging world can be an intimidating experience. It seems that the world and his wife has a blog now, and so if you are serious about using your blog as a promotional tool to get your views out there, you need to consider the impact your blog writing skills will have on the world. This means undertaking a thorough examination of what your blog is, how it functions, and what it is achieving right now. But there are some basic things that we can all benefit from to get our blog writing skills shipshape and ready to go. Here are a few.




This is for those who are making the transition from part-time blogger to a full-time writer; you need to train your blog writing muscle. This means observing as much information as you can about, well, pretty much everything! If you want to learn how to write, you need to start reading everything you possibly can. From fan fiction to business articles, all the way through to heavy tomes by writers such as Don DeLillo.


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Why? Because you will appreciate different forms of writing and you will continue to make your prose different, and you will learn to develop your own skills as time goes on. It’s a wonderful thing to see your writing grow, and now, with blogs, we see ourselves as having a relationship with that blogger, even if we don’t interact with them!


Change Your Platform

Because of the millions and millions of blogs out there, it’s much harder to stand out from the crowd. Everybody is able to set up a basic blog with a WordPress design a package, but why don’t you consider every aspect of the blog itself? It’s not just the words, but it’s the website that it appears on. You don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money; there are plenty of companies out there that can shake up your website for you.


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Companies like DBL07 Consulting & Website Design can spend time with you discussing what you want to achieve from your blog, and they can translate your ideas into imagery and backdrops that suits your words. The big thing about blogs on a general WordPress style website is that they are just text on a plain background. It’s time to start thinking about the overall package, not just the words!



To Thine Own Self…

Your blog is your story, in your words. Trusting your instincts as a writer is tantamount to going through the therapy process. This means you will feel doubt, elation, and depression in equal measure. When you are learning to trust your own instincts, and communicating your innermost thoughts and feelings, the important thing to remember is to keep that emotional connection. Your writing can improve, but if you lose what makes your blog inherently about you, this could be to the detriment of everyone involved. Not just you, but your followers. To thine own self, be true!


A blog is a fantastic platform to communicate your thoughts and emotions, but with a few superficial changes, you can improve your blog writing, not just the quality of your writing, but the quality of the platform!


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