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blog viewsGuaranteed Ways To Increase Your Blog Views


The Internet today is rife with content. There are millions of websites, blogs and people looking for views on their articles. While this can work in your favor as there are even more people searching for things to read, it can be a double-edged blade as getting seen is difficult. Fortunately for you, I’ve got some excellent tips for increasing your blog views.


Clever Content


While quality blog posts may seem like a no-brainer, their importance cannot be stressed enough. Creating engaging and entertaining articles are crucial to running a successful blog. If all you have is clickbait without any substance, then people won’t stick around for your next post.

The most successful blogs target a specific niche or need. If there are already thousands of articles and blog posts covering the exact content in yours, then you are going to struggle to gain any visibility. Think of it like trying to compete with a massive news corporation while also trying to write about global news in the same way they cover it. Instead, pick a new angle. Write something in a way others haven’t considered or that is specific to your point of view. If you write interesting blog posts that hit this kind of area of the Internet, then you are going to see an increase in views.

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Make sure that you are creating new blog posts regularly. You don’t need to spam content every day, but creating a publishing schedule will help in several ways. If you publish a post every Tuesday, for example, readers will know what day to check your site, and you will have a target each week. You can set this up through a calendar or use a service like Trello to manage your workflow.


Evergreen Blog Posts

Another thing to take into account is whether or your content is evergreen. What this means is that what you have written is not time specific. This kind of content is valuable to a reader on the first day of publishing or years in the future. This way, what you have written will always be relevant. Not every post needs to be of this ilk, however having evergreen content goes a long way to keeping your blog posts fresh and useful for a long time.


SEO Keywords

SEO can seem like a daunting proposition. However, it isn’t nearly as scary as it first appears. Your blog posts don’t need to devolve into purely SEO keywords to be successful. In fact, like most things, SEO works best in moderation. Think about what your blog post concerns and organically tie in the keywords that best fit. You can see what keywords are relevant to your post by typing the first few into Google and seeing what the autofill shows below. It only takes a few minutes and will help your blog reach a wider readership.


Exquisite Headlines

Some people would argue that a blog posts headline is the most crucial part. Whether this is true or not, headlines are the first thing anyone sees from your post. A blog can live or die by the success of its headlines. There is a fine line between clickbait and clever titles, so experiment and find the style that fits your specific blog. You should also consider what keywords are in your heading and try to put the most relevant ones in here as well as the rest of your blog post. Incorporate your headline into the URL slug. This way the keywords you’ve used will also feature there, and it creates consistency throughout your blog post.



Backlinks are links to your site from another. They increase your domain authority and push blog views to your site. Backlinks can come from all across the Internet. If your blog post ends up on an aggregator site such as AllTop or Blogorama or if you have published a guest post on another’s blog with a link back to your own.

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Backlinks can be done organically by sharing your work or publishing content on other websites, or you can buy them through paid services. Whichever way you end up going, backlinks can provide excellent traffic to your blog, and they are something you can always improve. Backlinks help to increase your search engine results ranking as well as providing referrals from their website. This way they help your blog twofold.

Social Media

There are social media tips on the site already so we won’t be repeating it here. However, as a standard, your blog should have all the essential social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus etc. Regularly posting your content here and growing a following and social media presence will go a long way to increasing your blog views. Whatever you are doing on social media, consistency is key. Sharing your content more than once and engaging with others over social media are an excellent start for growing your social media presence.

Give People A Way To Subscribe

Once you have a reader, you don’t want to lose them. Setting up a subscription service will help to retain them. If you are using WordPress, then you could use their inbuilt email subscription service, or you could use something like MailChimp. Having an RSS feed is another way for people to subscribe to your blog.

Feedburner by Google allows people to stay up to date with your blog posts and you can use the data Feedburner provides to see  you’re blog views and from where. Feedburner is also great if you also produce a podcast as it will allow people to subscribe your iTunes page and other such services. Offering an easy way for people to find out about new blog posts will keep them coming back time and again.

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Don’t Give Up

Consistency is key. Your blog is not going to go big overnight and without any effort on your part. Keep publishing great content and following the tips above. It takes time, patience and commitment to create and maintain a blog, so don’t give up.

So, did I miss anything or have any of these been tips for blog views helpful to you? Let me know in the comment below.


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