Life Lessons: Interesting Ways To Cope With Overthinking


How To Deal With Overthinking So You Don’t Go Insane


That’s right folks here is another life lesson you don’t want to miss out on. Are you an overthinker? Just In case you don’t know what I mean about overthinking, it is thinking about particular things to death! It isn’t just thinking about something a lot we have all done that, heck, supposedly men think about sex every 90 seconds.


That isn’t at all what I am talking about. Overthinkers can take one thought and think about it for hours, pick it apart to the extent it causes stress and fear. I am an overthinker and let me say up-front that I have mellowed quite a bit since hitting my forties, you know you turn forty and you just don’t give a shit about things like you used to. I came to realize just how small the little things are.


That wasn’t always the case I can remember having conversations with people and then later be analyzing everything that was said but it doesn’t end there because an over-thinker will attach their own meanings and fears to things. These things might not even be true but to an over-thinker, it is all too real.


Overthinking can affect your life in so many harmful ways. To begin with, it saps your joy and makes every situation stressful. You will worry about every little thing which causes enormous stress and we all know what stress does to a body. It can make you sick literally. You will miss out on things because you are constantly focused on what could happen. The doom and gloom response.






So here is the thing. I realized this was a problem for me so I looked for ways to manage it so I could stop feeling like I was losing my mind and the truth is there are many ways to cope:



Self Talk


Damn, right I talk to myself! Who knows me better than me? Saying things that are based in reality or truth about anything out loud truly helps.  Over thinking really changed for me when I read a book about anxiety. Realizing you can’t control the universe is a great first step. Thinking things repeatedly will absolutely never guarantee an outcome. Whatever is going to happen has nothing at all to do with you unless you cause it. “shit happens” It really is as simple as that.







The key to controlling overthinking is refocusing your mind. I love working out for this. Feeling stressed? Take a walk! Walking is my go-to for stress relief, being outside and movement just clears my mind like nothing else. Any kind of exercise releases stress and your body needs to move to stay healthy.




Engage Your Mind


Since this, all takes place in the mind that is really where you have to start. Find something you enjoy that engages your mind. Blogging is one thing that has surely done this for me. Reading is another useful tool because you can get lost in someone else’s story. It can be anything, coloring, watching tv, taking a class, even spending time with friends.



Write It Down


Do you keep a journal? I have since I was a child. You have to get things out and I learned an effective tool in transforming over thinking into a positive thought. You write whatever is plaguing you down piece by piece and read it back. Write down how you can turn or solve the negative feelings. It helps you to be a person of action. If you want to take it one step further, destroy the paper in a ceremonial way. I like to call it the fucket bucket.


There is no cure for over thinking but you can manage it and you want to because it can really affect your life and cause stress you really don’t need, life is hard enough!



 Interesting Ways To Cope With Overthinking

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Thank you! I really needed this. You just don’t know.

Tania Potter - Soul Sense Coaching

I have a PHD in overthinking, it’s my speciality. Meditation has probably saved my sanity and exercise is a big help in expending some of that excess energy!

Suzanne Youngblood

This is some great advice especially the part about journaling.