Fab Five Friday: 5 Life Lessons Mom Taught Me


Life Lessons Learned From Mom

The most important things we usually learn from our Mothers! Since Mother’s Day is right around the corner I thought I would speak to my own mother and five things I learned that helped my own life.



I know, I know it’s not Friday and I missed last week! I have a good excuse, I spent time with mom in the “City of Brotherly Love” where my roots are and no I am not an Eagles fan, much to my family’s disgust but they always open their arms to me and so does the great city of Philadelphia.

To say mom and me have had a rocky road would be understating, as a matter of fact, we didn’t talk at all for almost ten years and I’ll be real with you I am not really sorry in a lot of ways. We both needed the time! Then the call came from my aunt that my mom was Ill and not just Ill she was near death, or so the doctors thought but they don’t know her, she is a cat with nine lives.

Needless to say, I was overwhelmed emotionally with the thought that I was losing my first connection to life. That is the best way to describe what your mom is. Now I know sometimes this isn’t a good thing for everyone and gawd knows it wasn’t always the best for me either. My mother has the bi-polar disease which makes our relationship challenging and we are as different as people can be.

Upon the news though I started jumping planes home where we have been rebuilding our relationship. As you could probably imagine I have been thinking a lot about her and all of us have been reminiscing about the past which led me to the realization of all I have learned from her.



#1 Dust Yourself Off And Pull Up Those Big Girl Pants

Nothing held mom back. Divorce, Single motherhood, Illness, My mom is the queen of getting back up. What I learned is that no matter what you keep moving. Life is hard and a lot happens that kicks us in the face but you don’t lay down you keep getting up.

There have been so many setbacks in her life that I don’t know I could have handled and never did it stop her.


#2 Never Let Anyone Walk On You

Mom is definitely a type A personality, an alpha. With words and actions, she showed me that you never let anyone walk on you. This was a difficult lesson for me as I detest confrontation but there are times when it is the only option. She once told me that if you let someone walk on you once, you will never wash off the footprint.


#3 All Work Matters

I definitely have a pushy mother but not in the way many might think. There was never pressure to succeed or be something she wanted me to be but what there was, was a strong work ethic. You work hard at whatever you do. You do the absolute best job you can. When I was 16 I was told I was cut off from the little extras. No more cash, no more clothes etc I either got a job or went without. From the time I was old enough, I was to pay rent and learn responsibilities.

At the time I thought she was mean but in hindsight, I realize how important the lesson was.


#4 Quality Lasts

This is where we part ways but it is good advice. Mom believes in buying quality, I lean more to a cheap view but if you buy quality, it lasts longer and I believe that’s true. All of her shoes are in their original boxes and her clothes always look brand new. I aspire to it but I’m still not there.


#5 Tomorrow Always Comes

In this, we are completely alike. I don’t procrastinate and obviously, that is a learned behavior. Don’t put things off because they will still be there and it just gives you more to do. Personally, I am obsessed with being efficient and I know it’s so annoying. I believe like she does it’s just better to get crap outta the way.

This is just a small part of what I learned from my mom , what life lessons have you learned from yours?

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Jasmine Eclipse

I love this post so much. Moms are so awesome. I especially love and try to live by “Tomorrow always comes” it’s comforting!

Nikki Whitehouse

Those are some great lessons to learn from your mom and can honestly say that those are what I’ve learnt too. I used to be quite shy and got bullied when I was in the early years of high school. She taught me to stand up for myself against the bullies.