Why Men Love Older Women: All Your Burning Questions Answered

older women

Men Love Older Women It’s A Fact!

Ever see a young guy with a woman who is obviously over forty and think, What does he see in her? Before I was forty I might have wondered the same thing. Not now, being over forty I can and will tell you exactly why. Are you wondering why you should care? If you’re under the magic age you should care because the information can save you so much wasted time.

Ahem.. I have experience in this arena. Now you don’t have to go locking up your sons’ mama bears, but I will be honest in that my current husband is really the only man I’ve been involved with who is older than me. Color me a cougar! I never really gave it much thought since there were no sizable age differences in my relationships. Even my first husband was a few years younger than me. For all that my husband said I am the only serious relationship with a woman who is younger.

You may think the answer is obvious: looks, money, sex and you would only be somewhat right. That’s why I’m gonna lay it out for you simple.

Older Women Know Where They Are

When we are in our twenties and our thirties we tend to really have trouble figuring out where we’re going. Most older women are already there or almost there or we can see where there is.

older women

Drama Don’t Live Here No More

When you get older you seem to grasp the importance of time and lack thereof. We don’t waste our time. People play so many head game in relationships it’s hard to know what’s real. A woman over forty really doesn’t have time for that, we know there are lots of fishes in the sea and how to bait a hook. We won’t hesitate to see the back of someone who isn’t real.

The best thing for me about reaching this age is I just realized I have no time for bu**s*it! We are old enough to know there are plenty out there who won’t. So don’t bring none and there won’t be none.

She Got Her Own

Men don’t like clingy women! Men like women who have a life of their own and their own stuff. The men I’ve talked to pretty much agree to be someone’s everything, all the time is too much pressure. Believe me, you will feel better too. You can never be equals and be dependent.

Sexy Has Very Little To Do With Looks

Heck, I didn’t get this either till I was in my forties. We obsess over weight, hair, makeup, clothes etc. Ok, I will never stop obsessing over my hair, that’s a me problem, but having the perfect body or worrying whether I’m pretty enough. Nope, not anymore. I have never in my life felt as sexy as I do now and that’s with wrinkles and a few extra pounds mind you.

Why? Because I decided I was and every day I tell myself so. Confidence is sexy and you can spot a confident woman immediately. I once read that every woman should walk in a room thinking every man and woman there wants her. Yeah sounds weird but it works and people especially men, know that.

A confident woman smiles as if she has a secret and believe me everybody wants to know what that is. Ladies eat the cake because it is about how you carry yourself! After a while, you start to believe it and watch out.

older women

Let’s Get Busy

Finally and always SEX. I’m sure you’ve heard some say older women are better at sex. The truth is sex isn’t that complicated. It isn’t that we’re better at it so much as we have our priorities straight. When we are younger we tend to want them to be into us so much we forget about our own pleasure.

Well back to the not wasting time we aren’t gonna wait for our man to figure it out we will plainly tell you what we want and expect the same from them. Sex stops being about the goal and more about the destination.

Why men love older women, facts that can help in your dating and relationship life

There are many reasons men like older women but the things we’ve learned you can too. Have you dated a younger man?


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Tania Potter - Soul Sense Coaching

As an older woman myself, this is all so true, Heidi. Confidence is an amazing thing and it seems to come a lot more naturally after 40!