The Mindset Of A Successful Blogger

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So You Want To Be A Successful Blogger? Then It’s Time To Get Your Mind Right!



What is a successful blogger? We bloggers tend to look at influencers and entrepreneurs like Neil Patel and Jon Morrow as the epitome of the success we want to achieve and of course that makes sense they are rolling in cash. Achieving success in my opinion in life boils down to what you think and what you do period.


Recently I asked bloggers in my Facebook Group what do you wish people had told you about blogging when you were getting started? There are two answers I see with most. One is the amount of time and work that is necessary to get noticed and maintain a presence which can be difficult for many. The other is organization. The truth is those two answers are really connected.


What I see as the number one thing standing in everyone’s way is their thinking. Yes, I was just like you at one time and then I read something that changed the game for me. It was how I thought of myself and my blog. I almost hate the words successful blogger and blog because I believe it is too small for all the things we actually do.


So what was this revelation you ask? It’s very simple, think of your blog as a Start Up. In other words, your blog is a business. By now you might be saying, But I don’t make any money or it’s not about the money for me. It doesn’t matter what your motivation is, it is about your mindset. Tailoring your efforts the way that CEOs do. Once I started thinking this way myself I noticed a big change in everything from site traffic to the value I offered to yes even actually making money. So below are ways to change your thinking and bolster your actions toward being a successful blogger.



Every business has structure and this means you have to organize organize organize! I am very obsessed with time management and anyone can do it by simply laying out a schedule and following through. When you begin to see your time as money you start to value how you spend it.


I started this when I realized how much time I was spending on Social Media. If Social Media were all we had to do that would be fine but it isn’t. There is a list of other jobs in blogging also from graphics to writing. In most corporations, everybody has a job but let’s face it most of us are doing it all ourselves so you have to break up the tasks.


I know I have different times and days I perform different tasks. I look at all of the different jobs involved as moving parts and keep lists upon lists.


You Gotta Spend Money To Make Money


While you can find many things to help with blogging for free you have to accept that at some point you have to invest in your business. There are things you will have to spend money on. I know I realized this about six months in. If you want to be taken seriously as a website and want to at any point make money you have to invest in hosting. It is your best option for visibility online and taking charge of your business.


The question is always floating about who is the best and the only answer I have to give is I went with Bluehost at first but after awhile I saw the same problems that so many complain about. The customer service isn’t that great and the price is high. I have since discovered A2, which is fast and reasonably priced!

 Up To 6X Faster WordPress Hosting

There are other resources worth shelling out cash on like schedulers and email marketing that are so worth it because of the time you will save which ultimately saves you money. Think of the big picture!



It is spoken loud and proud that the most successful blogs offer value. Are you confused by what this means? Think about why you buy certain products. The answer is simple. They solve a problem you have, feed a need. So are you solving a problem, entertaining someone, showing how to do something? All of these things have value.


successful blogger


The Learning Of It All


Businesses survive because they know what they are doing! Would you see a Surgeon that never performed surgery? Of course not duh! The climate online is always changing and we have to either keep up or get left behind. I know this was one thing I grasped right from the beginning and why I learned about code and SEO.


Though I do not really write about it much I took courses in Social Media Marketing and IT. It is wise to invest in courses that will help you do your job better. One thing I always suggest before investing in courses is to check the credibility of the teacher. I have found a lot of free and paid courses worth taking, while not breaking the bank on Udemy.


Your Customer Base


A business only exists for customers! Before you get the WTF look on your face, think about this for a moment. Every reader is a potential customer, every person you help is a potential customer. Your blog cannot survive without readers so you must value them, make them your first priority.


successful blogger


Is your blog giving the best product to your customers? In order to do this, we must always be in tune with what they want and staying up to speed with them. Often this does mean giving more than we receive. Believe me, in the long run, this benefits you. The key though is not expecting something back.




This is maybe my pet peeve with bloggers. Going in I knew blogging success was going to be a marathon but yet I see many complaints about this and that because they don’t understand it takes time. I read a good majority of businesses fail in the first two years. Lifehacker, probably one of the most successful websites has said most bloggers quit 18 months in.


You have to consistently put in the work and be willing to practice patience. None of it will happen overnight. Worry less about your pageviews and more about building your authority and a great website. Take the time to build a network because though you may not see it, those are your colleagues and in a way, you work for each other.


Do You Have A Mentor?


Tony Robbins suggests following successful people and emulating what they do. There are so many bloggers out there more than willing to help, we are a community! I don’t personally have a mentor but I have followed other bloggers who have had more success than me. I’ve been honest about my stalking activities and I can tell you that it has paid off for me.


Mentor others! Whenever you can give back, you should. I do this through my groups and a few personal relationships I have developed. Honestly, you never know how it will benefit you. Here is an example: I have been helping a site with some minor tweaks to their online visibility and in turn, the site owner has been helping me with an ebook I’m writing.


There are ways to barter your services so that everyone wins and doing favors for others can really pay off, think of the big picture.



The mindset of successful bloggers

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Audrey Roberts

Great post! I’m a new blogger and it really spoke to me. I pinned it!

John Mulindi

Good tips. Yes, patience is very important. New bloggers make a mistake by thinking that money will come in immediately, in fact you can go for one year without reasonable earnings from a blog but that does not mean you won’t succeed. You need to keep blogging with good content and money will come.


This type of thinking has been the catalyst for MAJOR changes in my success as a blogger. I’ve tried blogging twice before, and it didn’t stick, but this third time, I’m thinking of it as a budding business, and it’s changing everything for me. I definitely did spend some money, but I’m making it back! It’s still hard to explain to my parents that I’m sitting on the computer all day and it’s productive, but I know the truth, and they’ll get it when I’m completely successful 🙂

Christy B

Thanks Heidi for the recommendation of Bluehost. I’ve been thinking of migrating one of my blogs from to, as well as starting another self-hosted blog. The tip about patience is SO true too. Great to see you on the FB group too 🙂

Phaytea's Pulse

Loved reading this and giving personal examples just made it relatable….from the onset, I’ve always believed in gradual growth so the things I learn daily about blogging, I practise….I agree that our mindset in the beginning plays a major role..Thanks for suggesting bluehost…seems to be everyone’s favorite


Brilliant post, muchacha! 😊There are a loads of really good tips for newbies in, I wish we had known all that when we started.


Patience is a hard one, but you’re right- Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was a “successful” blog! Thanks!

Cheryl Oreglia

Great Post, realistic reminders about the diligence required of bloggers, and there is always room for improvement.