A Newbie Guide To Winning With Pinterest

What Is Pinterest All About? I Just Don’t Get It!

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Does Pinterest confuse the crap out of ya? One of the all too common newbie questions is how to succeed with Pinterest. I feel your pain, not too long ago I would see tons of bloggers yell from the rooftops about the thousands of pageviews they were getting from Pinterest and my eyes would just glaze over. Why? Because plainly, I didn’t believe it.

I, like many of you, I believed that you could only win with Pinterest if you were DIY-fabulous or rocking the recipes. Let me just say I am neither! Cooking definitely isn’t my thing and no way am I making it if I can buy it. Yes, I am about as far from domestic as it gets.

Needless to say I rarely even went to Pinterest for pleasure. But my stubbornness would not let it rest, I was going to rock Pinterest dang it! I took one of the many free classes on Pinterest, I thought what the hey I can do this. it really changed the game for me let me get real here. In three months with the tips I’m about to bestow, my stats went up by 95%.


What Pinterest Really Is

This is the one thing that created that aha moment for me so after I tell you, take a moment to really wrap your head around it. Pinterest is not a Social Network, it’s a Search Engine, a marketplace of ideas and products. There is very little engagement on Pinterest and that’s because it’s not like the others. There is nothing you can’t find there which is why anyone can get traffic from Pinterest.

How do I know? I run a Lifestyle Blog and it is my top referrer. My main topic is relationships, which is now rocking with views from Pinterest. Check out below my highest ranking pin which is nearly a year old and still brings in the traffic. Only to brag a little but this post is now pulling in thousands of views and never stops.




Anyone can make this happen, I’m not lying and so I’ll lay out the tips that really changed the game for me!

Vertical Pins

If you aren’t making vertical pins you mine as well just forget it. I hate to be a hater, God knows but this is what people are saving because Pinterest is all about visuals. Vertical pins are 1102 by 735 with big titles and image backgrounds. Don’t forget the keywords! The pin should say what your pin is about and offer the solution as well. You can make these images in Canva for free and they have tons of free templates that make it oh so easy.

Pimp Your Profile

Ok, this can seem complicated so I will lay it out as simple as possible. Optimizing your profile should be the first thing you do honestly. There should be a personal picture because like with all Social Media it’s about people and it inspires trust.



You need a business account which is simply done in your profile settings. The profile title should include your topics, what you do and something quirky is even a good idea. Umm again “Keywords”. Use words that people will search for. Below is a shot of my profile so you can see what I mean.




Your Boards

Clean up your boards! All of your boards should be specific and the first one should be your blog board! Your boards should reflect the topics of your blog in addition to a few personal boards that say a little something about you.

Branding the boards have become popular, it looks very professional and I did it though if I’m being totally honest besides looking great I doubt it had much bearing on traffic.



Ok, this is where I somewhat separate from the masses. I have seen countless posts that say you don’t need followers, you just need Group Boards. I completely disagree! Recently, Pinterest has made changes because as I understand it they really don’t like the Blogging Group Boards because they feel it hinders engagement and duh they make scratch on their ads.

Therefore you do need followers. Getting followers pretty much works the same as any other network. I will say that you really shouldn’t just follow anybody. Try to keep your followers relevant to your niche, your topics. There are tons of fake accounts like anywhere.

I get followers in three ways. I follow others of course. I pin and repin other pinners and I have a group board. When you create a Group Board every person that follows the board, follows you! Brilliant right?


Group Boards

Now even though the Pinterest system has changed you should still be Pinning to group boards. That is thousands of eyes. My advice is to not depend on them solely, make sure you are pinning just as liberally to your other boards. The pin above was largely viewed and repinned from my Relationships Board.

Joining group boards generally, consists of searching for them and emailing or messaging the board owner to join.



So maybe you’re thinking I don’t have time for all this! I hear you keep up with everything can be such a time suck. There ae many schedulers for Pinterest that really make it easier and they all have immense benefits but my favorite is Board Booster. Not only are there great features but it is so cheap. They have paid plans as low as $5 and $10 dollars a month. Here is a brief run through of some of the features:

  • Scheduling: When you set up manual scheduling, you create secret boards that you add pins to and they will pin them to your boards at the right times. Overpinning can be just as bad as underpinning.
  • Sourcing: A big part of the Pinterest strategy is pinning others. It should at least be 70/30. You can set up automatic sourcing to get this done for you. You set your topics and it will search for popular pins and add them to your boards without you lifting a finger.
  • Looping: Basically looping is repromoting older pins so that new followers get to see them.
  • Campaigns: You can schedule your pins to group boards as well as existing pins.
  • Pin Mover: Pin Mover will get rid of duplicates and remove existing pins that aren’t performing well.


I hope these Pinterest tips get you on your way!


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This is a great collection of tipps! I have to say since I started using vertical pins I can see a big difference. I have to pick up some of your other tipps!


I have created my first Pinterest image and I’m very excited. I still have a lot to do to really master it but I hope it will bring me lots of traffic, thank you for sharing!

Baisali Mukherjee

Wonderful Article. Thanks