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 Your Online Business & Social Media: What You Need To Know


Regardless of the type of online business you are in, you need to invest in that business to see that it grows and flourishes. Traditionally, this would be in the form of paying to advertise on TV, radio, and newspapers. However, with more people moving towards the Internet, these mediums are not as effective as they once were. Due to this, companies have to learn different methods of advertising and investing in order to grow their business.


Social Media

One such way is using social media as a tool to start and grow your online business. In order to use social media the most effectively, you have to let people know who you are, what you do, and then not constantly hit them with advertising. The idea is to fill in your profile with your online business information, but then get out, engage others in conversation, and essentially make friends. A business mention occasionally is okay, but it should not be every other comment you make. Save the sales pitch for when someone specifically asks.


Another way to invest is to make people aware of you, but without throwing it in their face. Maybe you want to poll those that you have added to your profile to find out their opinions on hot topics within the industry you are working. Maybe you want to let people vote on a color or product that you might add to your product line.


online business

Social Networks Today

In order to get the best return for your value, it is important that you take time to work on the various social media sites. It is not required to use them all, but you want to try to find some of the more popular ones, and use them. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are very popular, but as the Internet changes so quickly, these may not be the top sites in six months’ time. Social bookmarking websites like Myspace, Orkut, Hi5, Friendster, and SixDegrees have failed to become as popular as Facebook or Twitter during this period.


Therefore, it is important to focus on ones that have been running successfully for a long time.


It is important that someone is posting to the profile each day, even if it is a comment in regards to the weather. While posting to the business profile, it is important to go visit other people’s profiles and make comments in regards to what they are posting. For instance, someone posts a picture of a new pet, you may want to say something about what a cute dog, or what great coloring in the kitten. Even if you do not like pets, you can find something positive to say without lying. Alternatively, another example: someone made a website that you like; you may want to ask their advice on how to build a good website.


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To be successful, do not expect to spend only 10 minutes a day commenting and socializing. You do need to spend more time than that and build the relationships. How many relationships can you build if you only nurture them for 2 minutes a day in the real world? Chances are, not very many. These relationships will help you grow your business, achieve your business goals and remain profitable in the end. While things do move faster on the Internet, you still do need to take the time to grow them.

Regardless of what method of social media you choose to engage in, it is critical that your quality time on the site if you want to see an increase in your online business. Otherwise, you are wasting time that you can spend on other tasks.



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