Pearls Of Wisdom Are Oozing From My Pores


Little Bits Of Wisdom I Learned Along The Way

I may not have stacks of cash or be famous but I have wisdom. I like to say I sweat wisdom and sparkles. You can hardly rear up on fifty kicking and screaming without learning a helluva lot about life and people. I started this blog to share my thoughts because let’s be honest my day to day life may not keep you awake. Hey, I’m just keeping it real but my mind can be an exciting, dangerous place to be sure. As part of my mission to share the life lessons I’ve collected, here is a small compilation  of wisdom that will surely rock your world!


Don’t Give Away Your Trust Like It’s A Walmart Rollback

In case you don’t know what a rollback is, It’s pricing items to move as quickly as possible, dirt cheap. It seems to me as if people give away their trust way too easily. I definitely have trust issues. Someone once said I must have really been hurt because I am the most guarded person they have ever met.

They were close I suppose, who hasn’t been hurt or broken your trust? What I learned from that was to treat my trust as a valuable commodity, I don’t openly trust anyone just because of appearances or words. Actions are the key. Watch their dealings with others.


Trust Your Inner Voice

How many times have you thought something, only to talk yourself out of it and bam it comes true. I have come to trust my inner voice especially when it comes to people. I pride myself on being able to figure people out quickly. I watch or observe and just so you know, the words you leave out, the body tells everyone has are very revealing. Learn to trust what your gut is telling you.


Ultimately, We Only Have Our Word!

You’ve heard the saying, your word is your bond. I really believe this! If I give you my word, I will follow through. I don’t know about you but it really irritates me when people don’t say what they mean, means what they say.


Nothing Lasts Forever

Oh, Heidi, you’re so cynical! That would be a no, I am a realist. Nothing does last forever and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. One thing that changed my life was reading “The Power Of Now”. It is basically the art of being present in the moment. It wasn’t always that way, as a matter of fact, I really believed I could keep a stranglehold on the future but you can’t, none of us can. The takeaway is to enjoy every moment while you have it, be present for your life right now.


Embrace That Inner Badgirl/ Badboy

No one is all good or all bad, I tell people this all the time. When we get older or settle down, somehow we think that part of us will just go away. Let me tell you it doesn’t, hence the midlife crisis (I’m planning one right now) no I’m really not ,but what I’m saying is it’s a part of all of us and needs to be let out from time to time in a reasonable way, so if you end up in the slammer, don’t call me.


Pearls of wisdom learned from life lesson inspired with humor.

Do You See Me?

There are always different kinds of people who surround us in our life and they all have a purpose, but having people in your life who truly see you, get you, is important. This has been a challenge for me at times because I’m different, which we will cover at another time. Being with people who don’t really get you is a wall in itself and exhausting.


Choose The Light

No, I’m not gonna go all namaste on you but I will tell you the secret to true happiness. Don’t believe the crapola, life is short. Life isn’t short, it is actually really long and why spend it dooming and glooming. I remember a time when life was super sucky for me, I had literally lost everything and some lightbulb went off inside me. I can sit and complain about it or I can choose light.

I’m not gonna lie, I complain from time to time, but I keep it to a minimum. Love life.

I hope you enjoyed these little tasty morsels of wisdom and maybe they even help you a little in your journey.


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Jennifer Kelly

I love this Heidi. I am quickly learning not to give my trust away so easily. It only took about 65 million times of being burnt but I think I learned.


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Irena Ioannou

Life is long and you can choose light! I couldn’t agree more!