Picture Perfect: How To Capture Love & Romance To Last A Lifetime


3Ways To Capture Love & Romance That Are Picture Perfect


I know, I know, this is a departure from my usual meanderings on life and blogging but I am obsessed with selfies and taking the perfect pictures. There’s no better way to preserve those magical moments of love & romance. So check out these expert tips for taking the perfect photos.


It does take away the essence of mysticism, but love is, in fact, a chemical reaction. However, this doesn’t make it any less real and powerful. It captivates us, and if you’re an artist, you can use your emotions to captivate love. When two people share a deep affection for each other, they often want their special moment to be captured.



This is more often than not done on their wedding day when they commit their lives to each other. As a photographer it’s your job and should be your passion for freezing time, but only for a moment. There are a few things you should be considering when you’re tasked with seizing the passion of two people through your lens.


The artistic approach and adaptability


Never forget that you’re trying to capture another person’s happy moment. Whatever artistic endeavor you have in your mind, know that it may not be accepted by those who have hired you. It’s wise to make notes of any ideas that you do have. Make sure you’re keeping in the range of styles that the couple who are getting married, have allowed you to do so.


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This might mean you have to stick to a certain color when it comes to filters, shades, and tones. Also, some brides may not want one of their sides to be photographed as they believe one particular side makes them look undesirable. Be ready to adapt on the day of the wedding itself and be reasonable when it comes to going with the flow.


Making an album


When it comes to editing the photos the same guidelines that you adhered to when it came to actually shooting the photos, may also be relevant. To complete the package, you should look at professional photo album design software for wedding photographers. Here you can complete encompassing the photos you took, into a gallery and also impress on the images certain styles the couple may want.




You can try this software before you officially buy it which is great for making comparisons and testing the same photo side by side. You can make the photos into an album as well as colleges within it. There are the classic designs as default which is more traditional, but you may also opt for styles that blend contemporary with periodic artistry.


Special requests


It’s best to get to know the couple beforehand as they may be a little shy. Many people who get married have a fantasy photo shot which they believe sums up their love for each other. However many just follow the flow of the day, the proceedings, and even the photographer’s will.

Have a meeting with them and ask them what their special requests are. This could be taking a photo at sunrise, and it could be to take a photo of them at the seaside, in their home, on a mountainside or anywhere else. By going the extra mile and being willing to shoot beyond the wedding day itself, will allow you to capture the perfect moment, without time constraints and all the pressure.

Photography supplies a window into the world, and into our souls. Captivating a moment of love and romance that two people share requires going the extra mile. Be prepared to be flexible and never be afraid to direct a couple to get the best for them in the end.


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