Productivity Mode: Mindset Tips Every Blogger Needs To Know


Productivity Mode For Every Blogger


For all the bloggers, in the entire world, you’ve got to get one thing right, preparation. As they say in business, preparation is key, but when it comes to getting your brain ready to write about anything and everything, it can be a mountain of a task, especially when you have to display the tip of the iceberg, implying that you know a vast amount about any one subject. Depending on your own blogs, you are very likely going to write about the things that you know about it basically.


For lots of others, who work on writing blogs for a living, it means they have to display various amounts of knowledge on something they might not necessarily know about. This is one part of a typical blogger’s day. But before you sit down at your desk, and get those fingers warmed up, so many other things need to fall into place, from your workspace to that thing in between your ears.




Regardless of who you are and what job you do, the importance of getting your brain primed and ready for work is something that cannot be underestimated. Lots of people complain about the fact that it takes them some time to “wake up,” and depending on your home life, this could mean hours until you’ve officially woken and felt ready to tackle the day. You may even feel ready to tackle the day just in time for lunch! So, for anyone of us, where productivity is a must because our livelihood depends on it, but we’ve got other distractions in our lives, what can we do to make sure we are operating on 110% percent?


Get Some Sleep!

Your day begins, not in the morning, but the night before. Sometimes, we feel that to get into the zone we need to be overloading our brains, with information, facts, anything we can get our hands on. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the means to process this information, in other words, getting adequate sleep, you aren’t going to retain it, and you’re not going to be able to utilize it properly. Firstly, look at how you sleep. Amazingly how you sleep can have an impact on your overall quality.

Do you lie in a pacific sleep position, such as your arm over your mouth, and so do you find that you wake up feeling a little fatigued? If you are obstructing your airways, you’re not breathing properly, so your quality of sleep is severely compromised.

In fact, any sleep position can have an impact on your quality of sleep. And it’s worth looking at if how you sleep is limiting the amount of oxygen going into your body, and therefore, your brain. In addition to this, follow the golden rules, get 8 hours sleep, remove electronics from your bedroom (or at least invest in a blue light filter for your phone), and make sure you eat at least 2 hours before bedtime, so your body has time to digest it while you are awake.


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Fuel Your Brain

Yes, of course, diet has a lot to do with your brain function. And this includes making sure you have your fair share of polyphenols, as well as omega-3 and good quality fats, but as well as making sure you eat dinner to fuel your brain, which is predominantly made up of fat by the way, you need to fuel your brain by priming it ready for work. In other words, get it warmed up.


We all have our own different methods to do this, and we know how much work we need to do in relation to the type of work we need to complete. As a general rule, we should all be operating on the maximum velocity with regards to our brain power, but depending on your own specific circumstances, for example feeling fatigued could contribute to the sense of fogginess in your brain, so certain things need tweaking in your morning warm up. And on the topic of warming up, never underestimate the benefits of physical exercise for your brain. Doing a little workout, even if it’s just press ups, will do a little something for your brain.


As well as this, if you can start to build a morning routine that helps prime your brain for thinking, you will definitely feel the benefits. One simple way to prime your brain, as well as help you learn to focus better, is to count from zero to 100, in as many different ways as possible. From increments of three or two, or counting up to 100 and back down to zero. In addition to this, warm up your brain by going through the alphabet thinking of a word for every letter.

It’s simple, but it’s actually very effective! And if you are reading this thinking that you do various approximations of this anyway, it’s time to start thinking that bit deeper. In this respect, think about ketones, and getting into ketosis. Ketones are one of the most desired fuels for your brain, and this can be achieved by eating a ketogenic, or high fat, diet.


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Frame Of Mind Is Vital

For anybody that works in a creative capacity, or you are just finding ways to be more productive, it’s important to note that your frame of mind has a direct impact on your ability to work effectively. We all know that if we feel sluggish, our work isn’t as inspired, focused, or we just do it very slowly. This is why your frame of mind is so important to any work we do, and also, if we are focused and have the drive, our work will be better as a result.

It doesn’t always feel this way because when you are in the midst of doing it, you are so focused, you are plowing through the work. And it should be what you need to aim for. As they say, especially for bloggers and writers alike, writing is rewriting. As well as the famous adage, don’t get it right, get it written, these are notable examples of the fact that you need to get words onto paper or onto screen first. This is the biggest task we have. The rest of it becomes easier. This is why your frame of mind and your preparation, in advance of the work, is so important.


What If This Isn’t Enough?!

If you find yourself struggling, for the most part, this is completely normal. There can be huge periods of time where we feel and inspired or unfocused, which is not a writer’s friend. While we all wish we could wait for inspiration to come to us and write a la James Joyce or Ernest Hemingway, as and when it suits us, unfortunately, we all have to earn a crust. And when it comes to this, the trick is about pushing through.

Tenacity and sheer bloody-mindedness are key to surviving. There is a fantastic episode of Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe (located at the bottom of this article), which focuses on TV writers and how they do what they do, notably Tony Jordan’s approach to hitting a deadline! Everybody has their own approach to it, so you need to develop your own attitudes to completing the task at hand.



And sometimes we feel that whatever you’ve done isn’t particularly good, but we have to work hard to get it sent through to make the deadline, and every time you feel like this, you’ve learned a very valuable lesson in managing your time. So next time hopefully you will work harder on the preparation aspect. We all find things a trial, and sometimes we need to keep on keeping on and experience these difficulties, so we learn the lesson. When you feel that you are struggling, it’s important to think about working smart as opposed to working hard.


So, this could mean more research on whatever your writing or this could mean finding ways to complete the task quicker. A very good example of this is using speech recognition software. Because the act of writing itself is, traditionally, you sat down at a desk, struggling to get your fingers to connect to your brain, instead of doing this, you can talk into your computer, and it types the words for you. The benefit of doing this is that there is a lot less internal editing going on before your fingers have to type the words. This encourages you to trust your instincts that little bit more, which will give you focus on completing work. In addition to this, you can talk more words than write in a shorter amount of time. This will help save you many hours!


Utilizing a various amount of tools, and expanding your own personal toolbox when it comes to being creative on a regular basis will help you to get yourself into the right frame of mind to work. Sometimes we have problems getting into the zone, so we have to trick your brain into doing it. The best writers realize the importance of discipline. And this can be a very big shock to the system when you’ve gone from working a dead end job to achieving your dreams of being a writer, whether online or in print, but that’s when the real work actually begins. And you need to learn exactly what will help you function. This is where productivity reigns supreme and works wonders for your brain.



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Nicole DaRosa

These are wonderful tips for bloggers! I find that have a strict schedule helps me be more productive.