Real Life Lessons Every Short Girl Understands

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What A Short Girl Faces Every Day

Can you keep a secret? I have lied about my height for years! Some lie about their weight or their experiences, I have told people for years that I am 5 feet 4. I used that number after reading that was the ideal for a woman. Dumb right? Well I would tell myself I didn’t really know how tall I was but the truth is I am barely 5 feet 3.

Your thinking, is that even a big deal? Well during my dreams of being a glamorous model it definitely was. I cursed the heavens that didn’t make me 5 feet 7! I always thought taller girls had it made. Hey, I was young and we think about stupid shit, what can I say?

It isn’t all bad though, there are definite advantages to being close to the ground. For one, the fall is less dramatic. I’m always first on the train and fit easily into most tight spaces. Here’s a news flash for you: Scientists believe there may be evidence that short people live longer! Studies have shown that shorter people produce less of a certain gene and that may delay diseases that occur later in life. So let’s take a walk down short girl lane so you can relate to my life lessons:


You Know You Wanna Pin It!

Grown But Not Grown

At this stage in my life, this isn’t a problem, I actually love it. People tend to think you are younger than you are. My 26-year-old daughter hates it! She says that most will tell her she’s a teenager and go so far as to make her prove her age. I tell her you will be glad later.


People still think I’m twelve![Taylor, 26 Says:


Whoever Created The Maxi Dress Is A Sadist

The maxi dress and skirt is still one of the most popular styles and we can’t wear them! A regular cut dress can be a maxi dress and a lot of clothes make us look shorter. Everything is long which becomes impossible if you aren’t a size small.

Then there’s jewelry. I have heard from other short girls how they can’t wear bracelets as they fall right off. On a personal note, being small means I have these tiny child size hands and if you think I’m exaggerating my ring size is 5, true story.


Eternal Cuteness

Here’s the situation: I am almost fifty and still with the cuteness. So are you thinking there are worse things to be? Sure your right but this is something short girls endure and it is mostly because small things are cute so we don’t really take it seriously after all children are cute, puppies are cute, but when you are grown you hope for a little more.



I Have To Climb Up There?

If you are a short girl you pretty much have to get used to “up” we have to look up, climb up, everything is up. Every woman who has climbed the grocery store shelves raise your hands! Yes, I have totally done this and if you come to my house you’ll notice nothing is on the top shelf.


Reaching things high up at home or in the store. I usually have to hunt down a tall person to reach something for me in a store.


Your Walking, I’m Running, It’s Exhausting!

I can’t tell you how many people would say, “Can’t you walk any faster?” Truth is, I am running. Hello, my legs are shorter. I’m not being slow or lazy. I would often compensate with a slow jog just to not draw attention to it until I just said forget it, I’ll be there when I get there. Don’t even get me started on the times I’m sitting and my feet don’t touch the floor.

Real life lessons every short girl understands

The Silver Lining

On the other side of the issue is this. People tend to feel more protective of short girls, which is also the reason many men are attracted to petite women hence we get away with a lot !!!


This was all in fun but maybe you’ll think about it the next time you see a short girl! Did I miss any short girl problems?

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Shirley Corder

Fun post Heidi from one who is now there. I am happy in my retirement village as I’m among the taller ladies, but put me next to my husband and tall daughter and two sons and I feel like a dwarf. I was right alongside them a few years ago but over the past few years they just all keep getting taller.

Fabiola Rodriguez

I’m only 5 feet tall, so I can relate to all of this. One of the worst things about being short is no one takes you seriously. I’ve always had to struggle with this at the professional level. And also, finding clothes that fit is a real pain. All my pants have to be hemmed. Sigh 🙁

Anna R Palmer

Oh the maxi dress. Such a tripping hazard!


I’m a little teapot short and stout 🙂


I am 5’3″ but I’m NOT petite. I used to be but now I weigh over 250lbs. So I get some of what you said like asking random tall people in the grocery store for help. I used to get what you mean for some things like bracelets falling off. But now my problem is that I can’t buy pants properly. They are either short enough but super skinny or wide enough but super long.


I’m only 5’2″ and my ring size is smaller than 5- people either don’t believe me OR make fun of me, like I chose this! I’ve just stopped caring, because what else can you do! The only other big issue I have is clothing- I don’t like to shop in the Juniors section but sometimes the regular clothes are too large. Petite is hit and miss, too! I need young professional clothes for someone who happens to be a little shorter, not a formal gown for someone with 5 arms. It shouldn’t be so hard!!!

Traci York

LOL! I used to be five four and three-quarters, and I’d round it up to 5’5′ for pretty much the same reason (what is “ideal” anyway? LOL). I’ve sadly lost my quarters (along with my marbles) over the years, while I swear hubby got taller, and the kidlets are all thrilled I’m now the shortest in the family.


I have noticed that men love petite women. I am not petite but I’ve seen it throughout my schooling and work. Pocket sized girls are definitely more desired by men. Since I am considered average size it is definitely not all sprinkles on my cupcake, usually, my pants are too short, men find me intimidating, and since I am not a size 2 or 4 I don’t qualify for the supermodel olympics. The grass is always greener.


I have a few little friends who’d enjoy this x

Forrest Harter

Helps me understand my precious wife a bit better