Let’s Talk About Sex Baby! Real Talk For A Great Sex Life

How To Have A Great Sex Life

This post is for the Grown and Sexy. Just a warning that we will be talking about sex


So now that I got your attention, wanna know my deep, dark secrets? I’m crazy but not that crazy! That being said you can cancel your blackmail plans and read on to see my thoughts and reflections on having a great sex life! The truth is it doesn’t matter if your young, old, single, or married everyone can have great sex!

Sex is as natural as breathing and yet it seems to be one of those things we make so complicated. We are all sexual beings. They say men think about sex every 90 seconds but don’t we all? Even if we don’t think we are. We need sex to be healthy physically and mentally. Nothing relaxes you head to toe like an orgasm and your body tells you when you need it. I remember a time I could reach the big “o” by just thinking about it.

I have been told that my views on sex are more masculine than female but I think part of that stems from our repressed state. A friend who is European told me Americans are way too uptight about sex and I tend to agree. We have been conditioned to think we have to hide sexual feelings and nudity to such an extent it has made some feel shame and that’s sad right.

I personally feel that sex and love or emotion have very little to do with each other. Of course, sex is great with someone you care about but you can reach that same level of passion with someone you don’t love and sometimes there is less pressure when you don’t have to see the person again. When I was younger I guess I might be considered slutty but I had sex when I wanted to and felt no shame about it.


Enjoy The Ride (pun intended)

When we first start having sex it is all about the destination and how many times were you left saying: Is that it? Or I don’t get what all the fuss is about. Well with age comes wisdom. Orgasm isn’t why anyone should have sex. I know duh, right but it still surprises me that some don’t get it.


Oral is great, going at it like it’s opening day of a wing buffet, hurts. That shit is attached you knowGary@ skipahsrealm.com


Have sex because it feels good! That is everything, not just intercourse, touching, kissing, flirting, and dirty talk. Everything that leads up to the main event is just as important, maybe even more so.


Take A Walk On The Freaky Side Of The Street

What I loved about the popularity of the Fifty Shades franchise was that women were being honest about wanting something different. We all have an inner freak and I’m here to say LET IT OUT. Let’s be honest ladies, who hasn’t enjoyed a good spanking? Or been tied up? I have dabbled in different things even though there isn’t a dungeon in my past or future you can modify different lifestyles to fit your preferences,  no well whatever that different thing for you is, if it’s between consenting adults and not hurting anyone why not?


sex life


Too much judging occurs on the whole. There are lots of different lifestyles and fetishes out there, don’t be afraid take a chance.

Being open is perhaps the number one way to a great sex life. Trying new things and talking about sex. I admit I am perhaps too open about things and will talk freely about anything including sex. I’m not talking about sexting just open discussion. If you have a partner, you absolutely have to talk about it, clue somebody in on what you want and don’t want.

If You Don’t Stop Touching That Thing You’ll Go Blind

Did that make you laugh? Just typing it made me giggle. Along with exploring sexually with partners, you should be exploring with yourself when I was a teenager they called it “Mary and her five sisters”. Masturbating is part of discovering your sexuality and enhances your sex life.


sex life

Let me just say in the privacy of your home because I remember that guy loving up on stuffed animals in Walmart, don’t be that guy.

Having a great sex life isn’t rocket science but being open to the possibilities and exploring your passions is key!


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Gimpy chick

Great sex is seriously underrated. I have been married for 13 years and I truly think that having a great time in the sack has helped keep us so bonded. This is a great post. Keep up the good work!