Revealing Signs You Might Be Socially Awkward

socially awkwardAre You Socially Awkward? Join The Club, In Our Heads


Introverts raise your hands!! Hayyy. Yes, I am an introvert too and have been my whole life and one thing that comes with that deal in most cases is being socially awkward or thinking you are socially awkward. People who deal with me on a regular basis have sometimes thought I am not an Introvert and this would be because my mouth never stops running. It’s true if we are friends, I just never stop talking and I am not at all shy about making you talk to me, so yes it can be a smidge confusing. As I stated in an earlier post Introverts are not shy buttttt throw a gathering, a date, or god forbid a party in the mix eh yes totally unless there’s rum at this party and then its on!


Being socially awkward starts in the mind, does it not? If you tell yourself you’re socially awkward then you will be. Truth be told, I am not as plagued by this as I was when I was younger because my forties came with this deep gulp of I don’t give a Fu** or as some of my close blogging friends like to say #zerotacos! But here are a few signs you might be socially awkward:


That Pre-dread

One thing that still happens to me at times is the feeling of dread before an event. If I know about it beforehand I will stress over it even create how awkward it’s going to be. What will I say? Geez, I suck at small-talk, where can I find a beard aka Extrovert to go with me, so I don’t have to talk. I don’t know anyone, what will I wear?


Yes, it goes exactly like that and the truth is it is rarely as bad as you think.


You Look For A Corner To Stand In

Are you the one manning the food? I have been the girl in the kitchen or wherever I can find a spot to be alone because it’s just too much PEOPLING! Too many people create too much pressure for interaction and sometimes it’s just easier to find your own spot and ride it out. I always liked doing this because I am an observer, but I remember people, asking if I was stuck up or constantly asking me if I was ok.

socially awkward


You Want To Leave Early

Maybe you’ve gotten past the awkward stage and it’s just ok , but you will always want to leave early because regardless, you feel weird or different and surely everyone knows it too. The whole thing is just making you tired, feeling like you can’t truly be yourself around all of these people. You have had your exit strategy planned for days.


You Analyze Your Conversations

Of course, the fear is what causes the awkwardness. Fear of saying or doing the wrong thing because you don’t like crowds, don’t feel comfortable around a lot of people. You will have conversations and instead of just enjoying connecting with potential friends or contacts, you go over everything you’re going to say and everything you already said.


You Avoid Social Situations At All Costs

We have all fibbed to get out of things we don’t want to do but the socially awkward will look for ways to get out of most social events period. It just causes too much anxiety.


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What I found out about myself is worrying about what others thought was part of the problem, I am actually really good with people and that tends to happen when you gain more confidence and realize we are all weird in some way. People may not like you and the world won’t end. Be open always to new possibilities. You’ll never know if you don’t try. Think about whether you are socially awkward or maybe you just think you are.



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Fabi Blogger

lol 🙂 this so me! What also happens is when totally miss social cues, and then days later you realize what the other person was trying to tell you. Or when you would rather stay home and watch a movie than go out somewhere with other people.

Kaitlyn Napier

My friends joke that I’m sometimes socially awkward…. and I think your post just confirmed that! Haha thanks for sharing!

Venus Fitness-Shannon

I analyze my conversations But i prefer to be in the middle of the room.


Interesting article, now I’m thinking about my attitudes.

Michelle Paige

Omgosh this is so me! I’ve found that sometimes starting my conversations off with a simple ‘I’m socially awkward’ warning takes some of the pressure off me in my mind. People probably think I’m weird buttt it helps me.


All of these are me! It sucks!! I’m so jealous of those people who are super outgoing and love talking to strangers. I try to be more like them but it just doesn’t happen.