How To Send Your Blog Traffic Soaring With Google Plus

Google Plus

Why Bloggers Need To Use Google Plus

Was there ever any doubt that Google rules the Internet? Then wouldn’t it stand to reason that their Social Network would have immense benefits for rank and blog traffic? Surprisingly many still don’t see it.

Just the other day one of my blogging partners in crime Marsha from Sassy Critic messaged me to tell me I was so right and her post ranked on the first page thanks to Google Plus.

First of all, I can’t hear I’m right enough and the fact that Marsha always pays attention to my advice really helps our relationship.

Picture this, I’m scrolling through my posts on LiveGoodly, my Health Blog and I notice more than a few posts with outrageously high share counts for G+ and I was perplexed and intrigued and set out to figure out more. so here is how to leverage Google Plus for yourself.

I wasn’t at all surprised, once I figured out how Google Plus works I too noticed the benefits. Using it will make your posts show up faster in page results and rank higher.



Amazing right? What’s even more amazing is how easy it was. I merely posted it to Google Plus using a few hashtags and voila a few hours later I was right up there at the top. It makes sense though given that Google owns the network that there would be benefits to using it.

One simple reason to join Google Plus: Google+ has the second largest social media user base just behind Facebook and ahead of Twitter, I noticed that my bounce rate dropped and my page views increased dramatically. Not a bad bump for just setting up a profile! Claudia@Klaudias Corner


There are many ways to engage in Google Plus so let’s take a look at the ways I use it that have helped to make Google my #1 referrer. I will be honest that there are thousands of communities you can join and share your posts but I have found them unhelpful for traffic and engagement. That being said what has made the difference is understanding how it all works differently than other networks and using it in my posting strategy.



hashtags work a little different, for instance using popular tags like #fridayfeeling will gain you nothing. Hashtags in G+ are topic oriented and what’s even better is it will group your posts within the network with other similar posts which enhance sharing and discovering those with similar niches.



Posts with plus mentions or the 1+ option tend to get shared more and when someone gives you a mention your post appears in their feed so all of their connections can discover your content as well. As I have noticed, mentions are engagement in G+. Unlike networks like Facebook, I have found I can go in and mention or share others not as frequently.


Find G+ communities where you can share your posts and engage with the other people there. Also, make sure your G+ profile and info are updated to include your blog URL. Fabiola@ Wonderfabi



G+ Circles much like Twitter lists are a great way to group together people according to an interest which makes them easy to find and share.


Google’s version of Facebook Messenger allows you to have one on one chats or group chats for up to 10 people. You can even have video chats and phone calls at no charge. It is really great for talking to friends and contacts in other countries without extra charges.



I saved the best for last! Collections by far have made a big difference for me. Basically, it is set up the same as Pinterest boards. You create different collections for different topics and it is best to keep the titles specific just like you would hashtags. You can upload cover images for them and easy peasy you just add posts to them. Set them to public and they appear in a feed.

People will follow them like crazy and while the followers for your collections are different than your profile, hell it’s all followers and I find it so easy. It is also a good idea to add other people’s posts to your collections.



So yet another way to raise your cred with Google! Get more active in Google Plus and don’t forget those Hashtags, you’ll be glad you did.



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Thank you, Heidi, for making G+ so easy to understand!


Thanks a 💐 bunch for the mention. Great job! See you soon on Google plus 😊


I knew google+ existed but I had no idea how to use it. I can’t wait to take your tips and start using this platform to boost my traffic.

Bruce Schinkel

Thanks so much for this post! I’ve clearly only scratched the surface with G+, but now i’ve got a great plan going forward


Thanks for this information. I will be checking it out.


I pinned this for later, I will have to create a Google plus account. It never even crossed my mind that it could help with my blog. I’m so glad I found this post!


Excellent tips. G+ is a big part of promoting my own blog. I think people really underestimate it and focus too much on Facebook and other channels.


Hello Heidi,

I use Google+ too. However, I see more people focus on Facebook. I have a Google+community but I see the majority of people have Facebook groups and say it is better to have one instead. I just wanted to have a place where people who visited my blog could get support. I use hangout to talk with my friend sometime. Thanks for sharing this with us!


I couldn’t agree with you more–Google+ presents a great opportunity for bloggers to increase their ranking! Marketers have wanted Google+ to die for years, but the fact is that because it’s a Google property, it has more power than people realize (and it’s not going anywhere!).

Nicole | The Professional Mom Project

Love these suggestions. Thanks so much – I use google plus every once and a while and should start using it more.


I’m definitely going to post more to google plus now. Thanks for the great idea!

Gigi Kiersten

I have tried Google Plus off and on during the years and I got super frustrated with it. However, I might have to try it again. Thanks for sharing this post!


I’ve never considered google plus, I’m going to right now though!

Forat Sami

I always feel so lost with how to derive traffic to my blog and so many word seem scary but your article and tips help a lot!! Thank you!