Smart Ways To Enjoy A Online Social Life

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Commonsense Tips For Your Online Social Life

Are you an online social butterfly? So many of us enjoy an online social life if we are being honest. Think for a moment about how many hours a day you spend on Facebook alone. For us bloggers, you can triple that number. It is our business basically so I know in my case I could be online up to 10 hours a day!

So it makes sense that I would have an online social life as well. I totally do, it’s a big part of the blogging world. We spend hour upon hour connecting and networking. Even before blogging I have been active online and I’m not gonna lie I kinda miss Myspace.


I started out on this site called Upoc and of course, chat rooms were popular back then, yes that’s some ten plus years ago. Because I’ve been online so long I have some tips on how to be smart because I’ll be honest, often I see people make the same mistakes over and over. Let me tell you I learned some of these lessons the hard way.


Let’s Sprinkle A Little Reality

I remember after I got divorced and yes I was having a hard time adjusting to the single life, especially in a small town where everyone knew my ex. so meeting new people and even dating was difficult. My loneliness I guess led me to spend way too much time online. There comes a point when you can actually get it confused with real life. There are of course times that online friends become real-life friends but you have to really know the difference.


online social life


Beware What You Share

There are certain rules to an online social life one should always follow and that includes your personal information. Because yes lying does go on. Never share your personal info such as details: your address is a biggy. Now, I have trust issues for real, I think there are only 3 friends that I met online that even have my phone number.

I take it one step further and there are topics I will not discuss online. My money, my kids, and my marriage. There are actually a lot of people in my online social life that didn’t know I was married. Sure, I will write about some things if I think they help my audience but I don’t share intimate details.


Have You Been Catfished Or Scammed?

I have! If you think about it, even in small ways most of us have. If you’ve ever dated online you know exactly what I’m talking about. Truth is, there are tons of people out there creating fake personas and profiles to get something from you and you have to be careful.

What happened to me wasn’t your standard romance gone wrong like you usually see in the catfishing horror stories. I knew we weren’t in love, it was my compassion that was my downfall and yes I’m embarrassed to say I lost some money in the deal but I learned a valuable lesson.

One, do not ever give someone online money for any reason period. Two, INVESTIGATE INVESTIGATE INVESTIGATE. I do this very thing if someone is looking to be my friend I research them. It’s not hard at all to find out what people do online and figure out what kind of people they are.

Meeting Your Online Friends

I have met quite a few people from online and I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t always as cautious as I should have been. If I have any horror stories it’s those occasions when people aren’t exactly as they claimed to be. Personally, I never lied about myself online and would go out of my way to point out my flaws. Yeah, I’m a little crazy.

I do have some tips though. You could always video chat which really isn’t my thing, hence the reason my Hollywood career never panned out. But it is a good way to make sure you know what you’re getting into.


Smart Ways To Have An Online Social Life

Meet the first time in a public place, especially if you’re a woman..better safe than way sorry. Have an exit strategy in place. I once saw on tv how this girl went on a blind date and had her bestie call her so she could have an out if she needed it.

So yes our ability to connect and have an online social life is amazing as it allows us to meet so many people we probably wouldn’t have otherwise but always use good sense and protect yourself.

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I know you think I’m this chiseled George Clooney figure online, but I’m actually this hick southern Indiana dude. I should have made that clear from the start…I deeply apologize!

Belema Ronabere

Lol. I regularly struggle with this. I tend to want to share experiences to help others. to balance this I use very vague personas in my writing. Still, people think I’m a blonde white chick and I’m Nigerian.

Fabiola Rodriguez

Nowadays, social media has become a way to meet new people, but I agree you have to be smart about it. For example, I was catfished by an online friend, and he turned out to be a completely different person. On the other hand, one of my sisters met a guy on Facebook and they eventually married, so I guess it all depends on how you go about it.


Yes sometimes we meet like minded people on social media. But meeting in public for first time is gr8 idea. Lovely blog.


yeah social media really important and we meet many people far from thousends kilometers,,thanks for that good post

Claire - StartACraftBlog
oooh my goodness! Yes! I’ve always been very grateful for the fact that I grew up as a pretty paranoid person. I was always aware that what I said and what I shared meant that people might hear and might spread that information. When it came to social media back in the days of AOL messenger and chat rooms, I didn’t share a lot. I’ve been so private though that it actually hurt my business. I’ve opened up a little more but i’m still very private with what I share. Like.. sharing your birthday on facebook is insane. It doesn’t… Read more »