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Essential Tips For Blog Writing

Welcome to another session of The Blogging Truth! You know I keep it real on the business of blogging as simply as I can. Let’s talk writing. One of the main reasons I started writing about blogging was because of the many posts that just leave beginners saying “What?” There is so much great information but sometimes it just isn’t broken down enough but don’t worry I got you!

I  find inspirations for these help posts in blogging groups mostly. What do people, especially newbies want to know? Then I provide my experience. One question I see often asked is how to improve writing. Ok, really I don’t consider myself a great writer even though I have been told I don’t suck at it.

But I truly have learned so much about blog writing that I need to share it with you. There is a difference between blog writing and Authors. We have a really short amount of time to tell a story. The average post can be anywhere from 400 words to 2k, and the average reader spends two minutes or less reading, whereas reading a book can be hours.

People read blogs for a few really great reasons and honestly, you want to know this when you are starting. First, there is that part about getting what they are looking for quickly. The other reasons tend to be entertainment and finding the answer to a problem or something they want to know. Makes sense right? Ok then onto the tips!




Who Are You Writing For?

Do you struggle with traffic? I have been there my friends. You write good stuff, you share and engage on Social Media and nothing, nada, zilch. I’ve been there and I have also turned it around. On my lifestyle blog Womanpulse, I have always done ok but after I utilized the tip I’m about to share my readership soared, just last month alone I pulled in over 40k page views.

Was that because I am the most brilliant writer ever? No, it wasn’t. It was because at one point I understood “Give the people what they want”. You have to know who you are writing for and if that answer is you are writing for yourself then you just don’t need an audience.

Finding these answers is simple. Go to your Analytics and look at your demographics. I did this and found out that my audience was actually 21-34 women and even that there was a big male audience as well. Not only that, I looked at my top ten posts. Was I ever surprised to see my biggest posts were about dating and divorce? Who knew?

When I started writing more about Relationships, a revelation hit. Relationships were basically my target topic. Not my only topic to be sure but I started writing more about what people wanted to know and that was that. Easy right?


  • Make It Personal

I know that some really have an issue with sharing personal information on their blogs and I get it but the truth is there are thousands of blogs and you want them to come back. One of the ways to ensure that happens is by connecting to your audience.

If they feel like they know you or that you’ve dealt with whatever you’re writing about they will be more invested in your content. That can be any problem you might be trying to solve. One peeve I have especially with those who write about blogging is when there is no solution. They might be writing about a tool or a service they are helping to promote and never really tell you the hows and whys.

In most of my posts, I will share a bit of personal information to help my viewers and feel connected to me. I know during hard times, knowing others had been through it tended to make a big difference to me.




  • Your Writing Style

You know how you see a Stephen King movie and know he wrote it before you even see the credits? That’s because of his style, the weirdness we expect from him. Style matters. It creates a consistency that keeps people coming back for more. I like the fact that people tend to recognize my writing.

For instance, in this blog, I approach every piece with a little snark and humor. No matter what I’m writing about it is my signature. Maya Angelou taught me the value of having your own style, a way of anything that is uniquely you.

There is comfort in knowing what to expect. That can mean a strictly business approach to writing or an easy breezy style. The choice on how you wish to be heard is up to you.


  • Keep it Simple

Complication free is the name of the game. Keeping it simple is a way of life for me and it is well documented that it works in blogging. Readability is essential. That doesn’t mean dumbing it down, heck no. It means putting yourself in your reader’s shoes or eyes. Is your blog post easy to understand? Are the words you’re using easy for MOST people to get?

Sure we wanna dazzle people with our smarts but it isn’t about us, it’s about them. There is no bottom line more important than that.

Smart Writing Tips For bloggers

  • Solving Problems

Recently I read a post where this blogger said he’d written many brilliant posts about many things but the most popular were the ones where he solved simple everyday life problems. The best way to create a name for yourself is firsthand experience on your topic. Authority is the name of the game in blogging.

We all do research but it’s easy to tell when someone is writing about a topic they know something about.


  • Writers Write

The best advice on becoming a better writer is to simply write often, even every day if you can. When I was a teenager I caught the writing bug hard and when I wasn’t getting in trouble, which was often. You could find me in my room with a bottle of Diet Coke, A notebook and a pen which were filled with poems, thoughts, and short stories. I even had a poem published once.

Writing is a great way to let it all out and it’s good for the soul. So write whenever you get the chance and I guarantee you will see the difference.

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Lisa | The Merry Momma

Yes, some of my most popular posts are the ones that solve a problem. Sometimes the problems are more abstract, like inspiration or learning something new, but I ask myself while writing every single post, “Am I offering something of value?” If my readers aren’t going to get some kind of need fulfilled, then I drop the idea or find a way to add more value.
I appreciated the reminder to write something every day – definitely good advice!


Very nice post and very informative:) Nice to meet you!xxx


Hi Heidi

I am so glad I came across this post! Asa new blogger, I find it extremely insightful. It’s amazing how you’ve grown your blog, I can only aspire the same for my blog. I will most certainly use your tips👍🏼

Lara Alcantara

Reeaally good tips !! thanks for sharing this !!! helped alot with my future posts !! haha keep up the good work !!