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If this is your first time Welcome, Welcome. Are you wondering what all the fuss is about? This is my space to share my thoughts, life lesson and break down this crazy world of blogging and Social Media for the Newbies because our world can be a jungle sometimes. Before you roll your eyes this blog keeps it real and simple with a lot of giggles in between.


Who The Heck Is Heidi?




That’s me! If you don’t know me I run 4 blogs total as well as a few groups across the Internet. I am a writer and budding Entrepreneur currently residing in the dirty south, that’s right Hotlanta. I move around a lot so that could change at any given moment!


I write about Money, Relationships, Health and Lifestyle topics for women! You can check out my other blogs:


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Pennies And Paydays


My main goal with this blog is to help others while making them laugh. Here are my top posts for you to check out for yourself:




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