4 Things That Can Suck About Blogging


The Downside Of Blogging Nobody Tells You About


Let me shout from the rooftops how much I love blogging! So much, in fact, I just keep creating more. I have four now and yes that is a lot but I am an addict. That being said there is also a downside. I took a survey in my Facebook group to find out if anyone agreed with me or I was just being the usual amount of crazysauce. It turns out people couldn’t wait to tell me. So in this post, I am going to whine, yes totally true, I am going to go through the sucky side of blogging and some possible solutions to help.


This has always been my gripe. No one tells you at the onset that blogging is going to monopolize your very existence! Sure in our fantasy world we write a brilliant post and publish them and then poof we are famous. Truth is, it is the hardest I have ever worked and it is constant.

There is no such thing as quickly writing a blog post. There is research, the writing, the images blah blah blah. It can actually take forever days, weeks, to write a blog post. If we were finished there wouldn’t life be great?

Let’s say two words SOCIAL MEDIA. I can hear bloggers across the globe groaning. The part that annoys many is the writing is actually the small part, promoting is what takes up all the time. We are on social media literally anytime we aren’t sleeping. Nod if you agree? Here are some things I do to save time:

Schedule What You Can

Social Media schedulers rock my world! I love them because it frees up time to engage with others. Here is what I use.

  • Boardbooster: for Pinterest
  • Dlvr.it: automatically posts new content to Twitter, you can add up to five blogs
  • Commun-it to schedule tweets
  • Revive Post: automatically posts older content to Twitter and Facebook

Facebook has it’s own scheduling features as well. You can schedule posts to your pages and if you run a group you can do this as well.

Make a work schedule for yourself. Remember your jobs outside the home, you never just worked endless hours and blogging should be the same. In other words, pick a time you just STOP. If you gotta shut everything down, then do it. Take a regular day off! I take Sundays off. I do not do social media on Sunday at all.


Take Me Seriously! have you ever tried explaining to outsiders what you do? Outsiders are anyone who doesn’t blog. Your family, friends, the guy down the street who wonders why you’re in the house so much. If you are like me and you make money, let me just tell you there will be times people just don’t believe you. I remember telling a family member I made an income online and it was like banging my head with a brick, they just weren’t buying it.

It can be frustrating. I formulated easy answers to what I do such as I write for websites or affiliate marketing, they still don’t get it but at least they leave you alone. That is what is so fabulous about the blogging community, we all go through it so we support each other.

It is hard to have a relationship with a non-blogger. They are never going to understand the time you put in. My husband recently joked with me that his next wife was going to have a job she actually left the house for. Yeah, Mr. Sensitive. They really will never grasp the work you put in either. In truth, a perfect world is being with others who work online so we could be on our laptops for hours and not be judged. What can help is actually showing them bit by bit what you do.

Free Work

Let’s talk about Advertisers. Look, I love them, I do a lot of sponsored work so hell, they are paying my bills BUTTT there are many who think we are unwise to the free work game and why? Because many are. When we start blogging especially we think in terms of exposure and hey I get it but there is exposure and getting taken advantage of.

Remember this, your time is worth money period! If you want exposure, get involved with guest blogging. Advertisers and even more than a few freelance writers are making money.

So when you get the email that says “my content would really add value to your blog”, don’t be fooled, the links they put in their posts, they make money on and why shouldn’t you? Don’t work for free!

Free Products

Writing posts for products as payment is still working for free. If you really want the product then, by all means, do it but you should know it costs them nothing, there really isn’t a cash value to receiving free products.





This was the one thing I found that irritates bloggers the most and there are some that still believe it isn’t necessary, What?? It doesn’t matter what your blogging game is, whether you are making money or just treating it as a hobby, you need SEO and here is why. Unless you want to be the only one who reads your blog, SEO tells search engines what your blog is about and therefore how to list it on the Internet.

Yes, a lot of the information out there can be confusing and I am not going to lie, it took me awhile to catch on and specifically grasp the importance of keywords. Yes, you will see articles that say keywords aren’t relevant because the Internet is overpopulated and I say BULLSHIT. Keywords are important. No, you don’t want to write for keywords, this is true, but there are multiple ways to optimize your site and your posts that look completely natural. I am no SEO genius but here are a few things I do:


  • Put one or two keywords in your tagline that are specific to your blog
  • Put one or two keywords in your titles
  • Use H1, H2, H3 tags. These are your titles and sub headings which help tell the search engines what your post is about.
  • Make a list of keywords specific to your blog
  • Long Tail Keywords: long tail keywords are two to three-word keyword phrases that are very specific. For example, instead of “blogger”, you might have “top fashion blogger” or instead of  “car parts” you might use “used or new car parts”.

Long tail keywords attract quality traffic because let’s face it getting on the first page is nearly impossible these days. You want keywords in your posts but you want to be careful that you don’t overdo it or stuff it and that it makes sense to your content.


So while blogging is great, it isn’t as easy as it looks and there are elements of being a blogger that suck! What do you think?



4 things that suck about blogging

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Tim Clark

Blogging is work, but it is a labor of love. Your points are all right there though. It turns into an addiction.

Janice Wald

Hi Heidi,
I have a steady gig that pays the bills but only one. It’s not good to put all your eggs in one basket. You and I are in the same niche. Where do you find the sponsors you wrote pay your bills? You and I are in the same niche. I’d be interested. Thanks,

Princy K Khurana

This is really really helpful thanks.


I am just beginning to understand some of these. Mostly I have encountered the compete use of my time on the blog and social media lol, it’s a little crazy how much time I can spend online!


I was nodding my head the whole time, even before you said to. You got to the truth! Thank you

Sara Kohll

These are so true!! I love the advice about SEO. I’m still trying to figure that out as it can be very confusing!!



I totally agree with the time aspect. There’s just not enough hours in a day!!

Nate Kidd

Blogging is definitely hard work but it is worth it to me. It does take a lot of your time and there are many skills to learn. Most of my family and friends do not understand what I do, which is why it is always good to surround yourself with other bloggers.

A lot of great information here. Thanks for sharing.

GiGi Eats Celebrities

I get VERY mad when I hear bloggers are writing blog posts and making videos for product. YOUR TIME IS WORTH MORE THAN THAT! Is that box of protein bars or those bed sheets going to pay the bills? NOPE!

The Inner Circle

sort of sucks to write good content and never get any feedback on it.


Yes I am having a problem with time management because two years old attention addict. And SEO! To be honest, because I dont have time I have put aside seo by purpose! Everybody swear by it so I need to take my time for it. I have like 10 readers a day!😫


Just used some H3 tags in my last post and analytics showed I was getting traffic through google searches. Maybe that was why! Good to know and thanks for sharing. 🙂


I’ve only just started blogging but can already relate to your experiences! Some great tips too- thank you.

Nipun Haritash

I totally second that thought ! But love makes the world go round and love for blogging is no diferent.

Lianne Benning

Oh the recognition! I love blogging but it is seriously hard working (and not making me much money yet). I think it’s also very important to sometimes put your laptop down for a day and do something else, like to into nature, to know that there is another world besides the blogging world :’)