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The Truth About Blog Monetizing

blog monetizing

Things To Consider Before Blog Monetizing

Oh, my Gawd, another blog post about how to get started with blog monetizing? Hells no! I will show you a few different ways to make money blogging but I am not selling anything and I want to share my experience. I got into blogging for two reasons. One, I love writing. Two, to make money.

Why lie about it? I saw an opportunity to manifest some dreams and I was going to go for it.Blog Monetizing for me was a rich, learning experience and it still is. So maybe by sharing my trials and tribulations will give some insight to getting started.

First, though I have a few truths for you to ponder before diving in. I know you were hoping I was going to tell you how to make your first 30k in 24 hours! Don’t be disappointed because this will save you an enormous amount of time in the long run.


Don’t Believe The Hype

Please, please don’t believe the outlandish tales of those bloggers who say you can earn tons of money instantaneously, you can’t. One of the main problems I see is people expect that it’s an overnight process. I started making change about six months in and that was only after much trial and error.


The truth about monetizing your blog and what you need to think about before you monetize
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Put In The Work

The reason blog monetizing is not an overnight process is that you need to build your blog and your numbers before even considering the money aspect of it. Not only that but nothing worthwhile comes easy, expect to have to learn about whatever blog monetizing you plan to take on. If it was only about putting an ad on your site or a link in your post we would all be a lot richer. Whether it is Affiliate Marketing or Sponsored Work, take the time to learn as much about it as you can.


You can listen to what people say, sure. But you will be far more effective if you listen to what people do. Seth Godin


Find The Right Fit

This was one of those blog monetizing lessons that caused me to waste alot of time but a valuable lesson nonetheless. Just because other people are successful with something doesn’t mean you will be. You know yourself and go with your gut. Ok, I’ll say it, I sucked at Affiliate Marketing! I tried, God knows but the truth is, I am not a salesman and I didn’t feel comfortable with it.

I found Sponsored Work and connecting with other writers and brands to be my golden egg. I love it for one thing and it totally fit my personality. I pretty much get paid to write and publish. Don’t get me wrong I am very much about the hustle and hope to tackle even more projects in the future but I am realistic and you should be too.

Stay True To Your Brand

We all want to make money yes, absolutely, with that being said it is not worth damaging your creditability. It just looks bad because we the reader can see through it. Authority and credibility are everything in blog success, really in any business success. Go with what will be believable by your readers because they are your customers and you can’t afford to lose them.

On To The Monetization Of It All

There are quite a few ways to make money with your blog so let’s take a brisk walk down money lane:


There are many companies you can choose from to serve ads on your site. I prefer Adsense for blog monetizing and have done pretty well with them. Can you say “keywords matter”? You can’t just place ads on your site and expect to have the cash rolling in. There is a learning curve involved and since we don’t have that kind of time, I’ll share this post about Adsense that helped me a lot.



Another tip I’d like to share: don’t clutter your blog with ads, it is very bad for the page load of your site and will drive your readers away faster.


Affiliate Marketing

The short explanation is you are promoting products for a commission and most people do this with links in their posts, Email Marketing, and Social Media even allows you to share affiliate links. Some popular networks are Share a Sale and Amazon but there are loads more.


Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts are blog posts promoting a company and that usually involves a flat fee. You should know though that you do have to get your numbers up to make money. I wrote a post recently about it because you should have all the facts before you start working with brands.



There are other ways to make money as a blogger from digital products to Social Media Manager so do your research and think about what your perfect fit will be. Blog Monetizing is possible for everyone if you go about it in a commonsense way and be patient, build your audience and your brand. Blog On!


19 thoughts on “The Truth About Blog Monetizing

    1. I would actually learn more because placement and keywords really matter as well as getting your readers to spend time on your page, thanks for stopping by

  1. Really great tips, there are so many blogger stories out there of many making money literally overnight but I stopped listening to that hype and just want to focus on the work and I am sure it will pay off because when we compare ourselves to other bloggers, we are just wasting time. Thank you for this.

  2. I’m so glad you wrote something honest and real about this subject! Some bloggers make it sound all too easy, but let’s face it, nothing in life is ever that easy!

  3. This is useful too, I’ve almost tried them all. I’m getting way better at affiliate marketing, I’ve been doing sponsored posts for years, used AdSense for my craft blog and since moved to monumetric (love it) and others… you’re right that you need to test things!

    1. I love Adsense too and maybe it’s because I learned how to use it. Yes always look for more projects for sure

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