Why I’m Watching 13 Reasons And You Should Too


Are You Watching 13 Reasons? Here’s Why You Should Care


I started watching 13 Reasons on Netflix a few days ago and I will be honest I am still only half way through. It makes me sad that we even have to have a show like this. If you don’t know what it’s about, it is about a high school girl named Hannah who was tormented, slut shamed and bullied. The harassment and relentless daily torture eventually led her to kill herself and before you say something like “I got bullied and I didn’t kill myself”, open yourself up to the fact of how this could happen.

The story centers around these recordings she made detailing the abuse and distributes them to those she feels played a part in her demise. The ironic part of slut shaming, in particular, is that in most cases it isn’t even true and yet everyone is all too willing to accept it.


My Experience With Bullying

We all have a story to share whether we were givers or receivers. I get it high school is a sucky time where everyone is trying to find their place. Of course, I have a story well years worth of stories if I’m keeping it real. I was pretty much tormented from the time I entered school. I was small and quiet with a flaw.

I had crooked teeth but it wouldn’t have mattered what it was when you have a noticeable flaw you mine as well wear a sign. Quiet kids like me pretty much wore a target on their backs and thats the truth. I didn’t fight back. Was I slut shamed later? Sometimes. The truth is when you are branded as less, as a loser, people tend to think you are fair game and will be grateful for any attention given.

Why I'm Watching 13 Reasons And You Should Too



The Lasting Effects Of Bullying

I’d like to say that when the bullying is over it just goes away but it doesn’t. I know some would say, just get over it but I didn’t. It changes you. I might have outgrown my quietness much earlier in life perhaps, but because you grow wary in such a way that you make yourself invisible and that is exactly what I did.

I kept to myself. To this day I can honestly say I really only get close to few people.

Bullying strips you of the abiliity to trust people. The wonderful thing about childhood is the openness and ability to see everyone as a potential friend but when you are under attack that isn’t the case. I never really recovered from the trust issues and even now have trouble trusting easily.

I can’t even begin to imagine what it is like today in this age of Social Media and your life being live for everyone to see.

The Upside

The upside to all of this and 13 Reasons is awareness. It seems as if the issue is taken way more seriously than it ever was. One thing someone said in the series really struck me. One of the male characters said “She’s dead now what does it matter and every girl everywhere goes through it.” If that doesn’t make you throw up in your mouth a little,I don’t know what will.

The truth is we can’t let even teenagers escape accountability. I honestly had this talk with my kids before it even became a polarized issue. Kids should be taught to protect and be kind to others and those who aren’t should be held to task for their actions. They are just kids should never be acceptable as an excuse.

Sharing our stories is important to achieve solutions. Have you been bullied? Share your story

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AJ Sefton

‘Slut shamed’ – what an ugly expression. Just asked my daughter what it means. Oh yes, another female put-down. I have not seen the programme but my daughter loves it. She can identify with it and is a psychology student and says that it is a good viewpoint. Bullying is dreadful and really quite a primitive and unevolved activity (seen in the animal kingdom too, where disabled or ‘odd’ animals are bullied).

Perhaps they should show this at schools. Make everyone take a good hard look at themselves.


So far it has been an eye-opening show. I would love to read the book!

Tania Potter - Soul Sense Coaching

I am really sorry to hear that you experienced bullying as a child. It has a lifelong impact and 13 Reasons sounds like something well worth watching. Too many people go through this and it is so very sad.

Shirley Corder

So sad about bullying. My grandson was removed from school by his parents because he was being so badly bullied. He now belongs to a small group of home schooled children. It’s sickening, really. K is for Kindle and KDP as you Build a Better Blog. #AtoZchallenge.