Weight Loss Tips: My Battle With The Scale


Weight Loss Advice That Actually Works

So how are your weight loss efforts going? It isn’t easy and I know this firsthand. That being said I have some really good tips that work long term. If you’re looking for before and after pictures you lost your damn mind. But here’s my story:

I was skinny all my life and like many skinny people I took it for granted and thought that would never change. Even after my first child, I weighed 113. So yeah I thought that would last forever but what I didn’t yet grasp was the moment you turn thirty your body changes.

Needless to say, after child three came out, I had them cut and burn the babymaking parts, I gained ALOT of weight. I never really even noticed it coming but one day and many tubs of french onion dip later I was nearly 170 pounds and barely topping 5 feet 3, this was a problem. So when I sat down and thought about life, I knew I had to make changes.

It wasn’t just overeating but my life in general and I knew it had to change. In the six months after I lost 60 pounds with a plan, I formulated myself. Since then my weight fluctuates¬†and I know what it takes to be the size I need to be but like most everyone I fall off the wagon. I have 20 pounds to be where I want to be and though I am not technically overweight, there is a weight I feel I look my best at, so here are a few tips that might help you too.


Diets Are Dumb

There I said it. Now I know that invites the naysayers but it is completely true. We start a program even a great one like Weight Watchers or Paleo and for a while it’s great we lose and lose but here’s what happens. When we lose we tend to get complacent and think sure I can eat that bag of chips this one time and that leads to one more after that.

You have to change your lifestyle. Eating healthy isn’t a counting calories and fat program. We just do it. Every day! What always works best for me may be old fashioned to today’s gurus but that’s reducing fat and sugar while increasing protein. The evil demon is processed food. It is nearly impossible to cut it out all the way but reducing it can go a long way.



Keep a food diary! Write down what you eat every day and keep a note on the fridge to keep yourself in check!


Love Your Body

I learned this later. I lost all the weight and thought everything would be perfect but it wasn’t I was still self-criticizing. We all have parts we aren’t happy with but we have to embrace the fat to love the healthy. I hate my stomach, it is the part that’s always a struggle but I have great boobs and awesome legs. Tell yourself every day that you love the skin you’re in.


My Menopausal Compadres

If you are going through Menopause I feel your pain!! With menopause many women endure weight gain, especially bloating in the midsection. I know I did and taking my genetics into account it already added to my Ab issues, if only I could shift that belly to the back I would have the perfect body! The good lord didn’t bless me in the ass department.

Thankfully I can say I have gotten to the other side of Menopause, it’s official! I will never get a period or get preggers again! Yes, lord, I am planning a party. I am a little young to have finished but I’m not crying.


Set Realistic Goals

Don’t focus on a number, focus on healthy and be realistic. We sabotage ourselves by setting unattainable weight loss goals. Throw out the scale while you’re at it, it’s too much pressure. I don’t own a scale and usually, judge my weight loss by my clothes. After the initial weight loss and another time after that, I came to realize I liked having curves and so skinny no longer suited me. Body balance is important.


Get Up And Move

People have such a hard time getting started with exercise because of all the advice out there for what you need to do to lose. You have to try many different things to figure out what works for you. For me personally, it is a combination of walking and strength training. The point is though, whatever you do, move, get more active and summer is a great time for fun, physical activities. Blogging means I have to be even more mindful of being active since I am on a computer all day.


My Herbal Cocktail

Because I have digestive issues I take several supplements. I take Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, and Green Tea Extract and what I found was it also aided the weight loss. Say no to diet pills of any kind, they are so bad for you and can cause complications like heart racing.

Weightloss Tips: How my battle with the scale can help you shed the pounds for good


Learn Your Triggers

Stress is a big trigger for me. Every time I am under great amounts of stress I gain weight. To offset that I started meditating every day. I have Acid Reflux so there are many food triggers for me and most people already know the foods that make them gain weight. Know your body!



Weight loss isn’t as hard as you think. It is a matter of being realistic and making better choices.



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