Life Lessons: 6 Mindsets Every Woman Needs

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Life Lessons: 5 Amazing Mindsets Every Woman Needs

I’m gonna tell you a secret, are you listening? I have been a woman a really long time. True story. Going on fifty years strong, I kid you not. Women are amazing, now don’t get me wrong I love men. If I’m honest most of my friends are men but in the last few years, I have really developed a kinship to my sisters. So it’s for every woman I share these mindsets for women.

Maybe it’s a coming of age thing in my forties, I grew to appreciate my sex a whole lot more. Women can do anything. There is no greater protector or multi-tasker than a woman. I could go on and on about the virtues of women but who has that kind of time.

Over the years I have come to realize there are many gifts or qualities women must absolutely adapt to. They really make life easier. Let’s call them the life lessons of womanhood.


Mindsets #1: A Girl Should Have Her Own

One thing I have realized quite late in my life is how important having your own thing is. Just as men tend to get their identity from their careers it can be much the same for women in a way. Having this blog business and a viable income of my own has really changed how I see myself.

I really believe a woman should be fully sustainable on her own before embarking on a relationship, there is no worse feeling than the feeling of being dependent or not having options.

mindsets for women


Mindsets #2: A Style Of Your Own

Upon becoming a Maya Angelou fan who has written amazing work for women, I learned the absolute value of having your own style, your signature. I totally believe every woman is special and should have a style of their own. I can tell you as far as fashion goes, I am a little challenged and some might say eccentric.

The truth is hopefully my individualism is my signature. In the past I have definitely leaned toward a more flashy look which many people are thankful has subsided with age. I have always hated trends. If it was in style I didn’t want it.

Who wants to be a clone right? I’m still pissed I can’t wear a maxi dress. I buy what I like and some might consider my look a smidge retro. Friends have called me a hippie with a job but I don’t really see it that way. I like it, I buy it it’s really that simple. Keeping that in mind I love a pair of ripped jean, I ain’t gonna lie.


6 mindswets every woman needs


Mindsets #3: Learn To Balance

Someone somewhere put out to the universe that women could do everything! It is totally not true. No one can be all things to all people and the faster you learn to say no on occasion the better off you will be. You have to balance and accept what you are capable of doing. Be reasonable with yourself. While you’re at it remember you don’t have to carry everyone’s weight on your shoulders.




Mindsets #4: Your Circle

Though I am an Introvert I totally believe that you need a small circle of people around you. Get to understand that different friends will serve different purposes in your life and that’s ok. I have often had issues with friends mainly because you have to know going in I’m gonna be one of those friends you may not hear from for long periods of time.

The truth is I just don’t think about it, being an Introvert I don’t need people around me all the time and don’t mind at all being by myself and for many, this is difficult to accept. Once I embraced the truth of it I found I did attract the right people to me.

There are those friends that are mainly for entertainment. You know the times you wanna go out, you know just who to call. Then there’s your sin eater. This is a lifelong friend that you need to choose wisely. A sin eater is exactly what it sounds like. Someone who guards your secrets and allows you to vent.


Mindsets #5: A Sense Of Humor

The older I get, the funnier I get. Don’t ask me why but there is almost nothing I can’t find funny and the joy in making someone else laugh is irreplaceable. I realized at one point that it’s just not all that serious. Laughing just makes life so much easier and you can always find something to laugh at.




Mindsets #6: Passion In Life

Now I’m not necessarily talking about sexy time though that’s never a bad thing. Women to some extent are driven by emotion. We are always in touch that way and tend to crave it. Passion is the strongest emotion there is and life without passion is hollow.

Find passion for something, anything. I feel passionate about many things and it makes life worth living.


Finally, as women, we really need to support each other more! I hope you were entertained and maybe had a thought or two about your own life lessons and your mindsets.

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Hello Heidi,

I can totally relate to this blog post. I, too feel as a woman I don’t want to be depended on anyone. I love having my own money and I don’t like to ask anyone for anything. I, too am an introvert. I’ve never been a phone person. When I see people in person especially, people who I consider my friends I will talk to them but they may never get a phone call. It’s just how I am. 🙂

I really enjoyed reading this blog post as it really resonated with me. Thanks for sharing this with us!


Good sage advice for women who are coming of age. I think in today’s world young women can benefit so much from reading and following blogs written for women by women.


Great article buddy. I have learned a lot of new things by reading this article. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!! You are so right. Having your own identity and a good relationship with yourself is a crucial part of happiness 🙂

I went through a big break up about a year ago and these all became sooo true for me!